Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall

fashion shoeSummer time is disappearing fast and fall is approaching. We know you want to make the most of your flirty summer fashions, but your light and white clothing will soon have to give way to more somber colors and heavier fabrics. But there are ways to make the transition so you do not just get to wear your summer clothes for a few weeks of the year. Instead of packing the clothes away as soon as Labor Day is over, here are a few ideas for keeping them out with the rest of your clothes and transitioning them to be useful for you in the fall as well.

* Tee shirts can still be worn on most days. If the weather is a little chilly, top with a cardigan or layer your tee over a long sleeved shirt.

* Dresses. If they are not too summery in terms of color or pattern, add a cardigan or pop a tee shirt underneath, or both.

* Shorts. Shorts with tights became the fashion several years ago, so provided they are not too summery or skimpy, you can continue to wear them into the fall. Capris can also work well to extend your wardrobe if they are not too summery in color or pattern.

* Summer shoes. Sandals may not be appropriate for very cold or wet fall days, but they are fine for an extended Indian summer. Just be sure to keep your pedicure up to date. Flats are perfect for wearing well into fall and work well with any outfit, from casual to formal, as long as they are not white.

* Summer accessories can still be used in the fall. Sunglasses can be used throughout the year. After all, just because its fall does not mean the sun isn’t still shining, and you should always try to protect your eyes. A straw hat, bag and sunglasses work well with fall colors as long as they are not too summery. If your hat has a ribbon on it, you can always change it to something darker and more autumnal, for a whole new look.

* Mini skirts are a staple in the summer time, and can be carried over into fall with the addition of tights and high boots. The resulting fashion statement will show great fashion sense and will leave others wondering why they haven’t tried it. Again, just avoid wearing white or any overly summery patterns.

* Accessories are a staple to any outfit in any season. Utilize scarves and darker purses with your summer wardrobe and the change will create a fresh, pleasing effect.

*Shawls and shrugs. These are handy for adding an extra layer and keeping the chill off. Adding one can create a whole new look to your tee shirt or top or your dresses.

Wearing your summer items for longer makes sure you will get more value of them and not feel you are going to be stuck in winter woolies for the next nine months until summer rolls around again.


Do You Need a Fashion Consultant?

Fashion consultants, also referred to as image consultants, are individuals who are able to give advice on the latest fashion trends and help you develop your own style.

You can certainly read about and study fashion on your own, but there are some individuals who feel they need professional assistance to make the most of their appearance, especially if they are not that interested in reading about all the latest trends but still want to look their best.

With the bewildering array of styles and many people with body issues, spending the time and money to get a fashion consultation can help save a lot of effort, frustration and even embarrassment, so that you can find the styles that are right for you.

If you have ever seen the show What NOT to Wear, you will have some idea of what to expect with a fashion consultant, minus the TV cameras and ridicule.

Most of the time, people consult with a fashion expert when they have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding. Others might decide that they need help in developing a more professional wardrobe so that they can really dress to impress on their upcoming important interviews.

Whatever the reason, some people do not know what suits them, or suits the occasion they are going to be attending, and feel they need professional help.

The phrase may be commonplace, but it is true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That being the case, a couple of outstanding outfits in your wardrobe can help you wow those you want to impress with effortless ease, once you know how.

While it is true that every work environment is different, for instance, with some workplaces offering more casual dress, while others still expect more formal dress, there are certain styles that are classics that you can have for years which will not go out of fashion, while other outfits are so trendy that they will be out of style in a year or two.

In most cases, these kinds of clothes are more suited to your social life than your professional life, unless of course you are working in a position that required you to dress in a very stylish manner. The kinds of clothes that you would need to wear in an upscale boutique will be very differen from those you would be expected to don if you were working in a law office.

Professional fashion consultants spend hours reviewing the latest fashion trends and styles, including workplace fashions, and then helping to match the trends to your personality and the nature of your job plus your appearance and body type

If you are interested in updating your appearance, you may want to think about hiring a professional fashion consultant to help you develop a more sophisticated look, or one more in keeping with your age now that you have reached the age of 29 again but are in need of a fashion update.

You should have a wardrobe of mix and match separates that will work well in in the office or on a business trip, and for a fun and possibly even romantic night out as well. Fashion consultants can help you invest in a wardrobe that everyone will be impressed with, but without anyone thinking that you are wearing one of your outfits too often. They can help you save money in the long run by not buying anything so trendy that it screams last season if you try to wear it for more than a few months.

Finally, if you have body image issues, consult with an expert to help you get on the right track for the best outfits for your job, lifestyle, coloring and body type. We can be a bad judge of ourselves with respect to thse issues, so hiring a professional design consultant can help you put things into perspective and find the clothes that are right for you so you are not constantly walking around in a tent to hide what is actually a good figure, or wearing skin tight clothes when you have gained 50 pounds.


Small Fashion Changes, Big Bang For Your Buck

Everyone wants to look fashionable and wear stylish clothes, but that can be a challenging task, especially when you’re on a budget.

For the cost-conscious, major overhauls to your wardrobe are out of the question, but there are simple changes you canmake that can subtly change the effect of your clothes and outfits, and give your wardrobe a fresh new look.

Add a few unique accessories that emphasize color and shape, and you may be surprised at the change that slowly becomes apparent. Great accessories don’t have to be expensive and sometimes can be found in the most surprising locations. The best place to start is within your own closet and drawers ““ there may be the perfect accessory waiting to be discovered! A fast way to change the feel of an outfit is to turn your collar up. This accentuates your face and creates a nice line down the throat and the center of the body. To give it a slightly retro flair, turn the collar up and force the tips down a bit.

A tremendously useful accessory that doesn’t cost much is the humble scarf. Buy several in different colors and patterns as well as sizes, and you can use them as belts, headbands, accessories for bags, or just to wind around your neck. Scarves with mixes of unusual colors look especially stylish against black outfits. Use a long one to wrap around your neck and leave the ends free with one in the front and the other in the back. Shorter scarves can be used to tie around ponytails for a stylish yet cute touch or tied around the handle of your bag for a flash of color.Longer ones can be tied around your waist.

Earrings are another fabulous way to change up your look without spending a lot of money, and are one of the single best ways to create a mood for yourself. Choose a sparkly, dangly pair for a night out, and smaller, but color-coordinated ones for work.

Gold or silver accessories add a touch of elegance toany outfits.

Handbags and shoes are another way to dress an outfit up or down, and add a bit of stylish flair.


How to Select Clothes That Provide a Slimming Effect

Many people in the 21st century find themselves struggling with their weight. Over the long run, a healthy diet and regular exercise is vital to obtaining of maintaining an ideal weight.


However, as a person works to reach a reasonable weight, he or she may be looking for ways to look thinner or slimmer. Your clothing choices and fashion decisions can assist you in appearing slimmer.


When it comes to selecting clothing items that will assist in giving you a slimmer appearance, consider adding monochromatic or single color outfits to your wardrobe. It does not separate you from top to bottom and thus call attention to either. That’s why the little back dress is so successful-any woman, any shape and size, can look god in it. For men, you can never go wrong with a dark suit, so long as it is the right weight and fabric for the season.


In addition to black, as you go about selecting monochromatic outfits for their slimming effects, other dark colors work nearly as well, such as blue, dark brown, or charcoal gray.<span>  </span>Darker colors assist you in presenting your body — even it if is a bit out of shape.


You do not need to rule out all lighter shades and hues when it comes to choosing monochromatic outfits. However, when it comes to using lighter colors — particularly pastels — you need to pay close attention to how a particular color actually makes you appear. In addition, lighter colors tend to make you look larger and more noticeable.


A dark suit with a pinstripe will make you look thin, but beware the double breasted jacket. Any vertical stripe will also make you look thinner, but avoid wide panels of color, and definitely avoid horizontal stripes, whether top or bottom. They will make you look very wide.


Always match your shoes to your outfit to give yourself a longer legged look.


If you are a lady who is a bit heavy on the bottom, instead of wearing tight bright pants, try something dark with a bit of give in the fabric, or with a nice drape to it. Just make sure it is not so large that you look like you are wearing clown pants. A good yoga pant can go long way forward fashion and comfort.


By coordinating your wardrobe and by using monochromatic colors in your outfits, and avoiding stripes. you will be able to maintain a slender, slimmer appearance. You will feel better about your look and about yourself.


Fashion Comfort and Style


Though style and comfort may appear to be a contradiction, it is possible to dress stylishly and still be comfortable! Thanks to innovations from designers like Stella McCartney and Donna Karan, women no longer have to force their bodies into stiff and tight clothes with unnatural shapes.


By using new fabrics and unique lines of construction, designers are now creating magnificent garments that fit and flatter the body without any of the sharp uncomfortable lines of the past that made a woman feel more like a mannequin than a person.


Some of the most stunning designs from recent runway shows are ones that incorporate fluid fabrics with distinctive draping techniques to create beautiful garments that incorporate comfort and style. Out with the corsets and girdles ““ comfortable style is finally available for every woman!


Look for the latest styles that are made in easy, fluid fabrics that flow over the body. The stiff fabrics of yesterday are typically uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to the body’s movements. Rather than walking around in uncomfortable,  sometimes scratchy, clothes, opt for softer fabrics that glide around the body and adapt to your motions, draping your figure rather than squashing it.


New styles and lines of construction mean that clothing is fashionable and up to the moment, and with the variety of choices available for styles and fabrics these day, where pretty much anything goes, there is no reason to be uncomfortable in your clothes ever again.


Even tailored clothing is being made in softer, more attractive fabrics that fit into busy lifestyles flawlessly. Many of these fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and require practically no ironing. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to care for…what more could a woman want? Women should never sacrifice comfort for style and with the current advances in fabrics, design and clothing construction; it is not even a problem.


Flip through your favorite fashion magazine or visit the ladies’ section at a department store and you will find examples of stylish clothes that actually feel good to wear. Forget about squeezing into tight, scratchy clothes– now you can look stylish and feel stress-free at the same time.


A humble black yoga pant for less than $20, combined with black shoes, flats or heels, can help you look stylish and comfortable at the same time, and can be dressed up or down with a longish lack tunic top as well. Just add accessories, attitude and flair, and enjoy. Now that is a recipe for comfort and style.