How to Select Clothes That Provide a Slimming Effect

Many people in the 21st century find themselves struggling with their weight. Over the long run, a healthy diet and regular exercise is vital to obtaining of maintaining an ideal weight.


However, as a person works to reach a reasonable weight, he or she may be looking for ways to look thinner or slimmer. Your clothing choices and fashion decisions can assist you in appearing slimmer.


When it comes to selecting clothing items that will assist in giving you a slimmer appearance, consider adding monochromatic or single color outfits to your wardrobe. It does not separate you from top to bottom and thus call attention to either. That’s why the little back dress is so successful-any woman, any shape and size, can look god in it. For men, you can never go wrong with a dark suit, so long as it is the right weight and fabric for the season.


In addition to black, as you go about selecting monochromatic outfits for their slimming effects, other dark colors work nearly as well, such as blue, dark brown, or charcoal gray.<span>  </span>Darker colors assist you in presenting your body — even it if is a bit out of shape.


You do not need to rule out all lighter shades and hues when it comes to choosing monochromatic outfits. However, when it comes to using lighter colors — particularly pastels — you need to pay close attention to how a particular color actually makes you appear. In addition, lighter colors tend to make you look larger and more noticeable.


A dark suit with a pinstripe will make you look thin, but beware the double breasted jacket. Any vertical stripe will also make you look thinner, but avoid wide panels of color, and definitely avoid horizontal stripes, whether top or bottom. They will make you look very wide.


Always match your shoes to your outfit to give yourself a longer legged look.


If you are a lady who is a bit heavy on the bottom, instead of wearing tight bright pants, try something dark with a bit of give in the fabric, or with a nice drape to it. Just make sure it is not so large that you look like you are wearing clown pants. A good yoga pant can go long way forward fashion and comfort.


By coordinating your wardrobe and by using monochromatic colors in your outfits, and avoiding stripes. you will be able to maintain a slender, slimmer appearance. You will feel better about your look and about yourself.


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