How to Rebuild Your Credit Quickly

If you are not happy with your credit score, do not just sit there feeling powerless about your financial situation. There are several key steps that you can take to begin restoring your credit.

Many people think they they are stuck with a bad credit score for life, but a few strategic moves on your part could soon have you raising your credit score systematically in order to get that loan you want, the home of your dreams, and more.

1-Pay down debt.

Plan to pay down any debt you have now.

2-Pay on time.
Be sure you always pay on time to avoid penalties, fees and further damage to your credit report.

3-Pay as soon as the bill comes.
Don’t leave it sitting around til the last minute. The sooner you pay, the less interest accruing on the balance.

4-Make an extra payment.
Even $10 extra can help you start to pay down your debt strategically and boost your credit score.

5-Obtain new credit

This is simple but very powerful. In many instances, people who don’t have good credit also do not have a credit card because they lost their privileges of owning one. Some never reapply for one because want to use cash to avoid going back into debt. But the reality is that if you ever want to apply for a loan or necessary credit, it’s important to start rebuilding your credit strategically. Just be sure not to apply too often, as the inquiry on your credit report could actually cause it to go lower.

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Keeping the Romance in Your Relationship Part 6


Dr. Chapman also puts forward the idea of  five Apology Languages in another of his book’s, titled: Five Languages of Apology in the Workplace.  These 5 are:

Expressing Regret: I am sorry
Accepting Responsibility: I was wrong
Making Restitution:
What Can I do to make it right?
Genuinely repenting: I’ll try not to do it again
Requesting forgiveness: Will you please forgive me?

While the book mainly deals with the topic of business relationships, all of our relationshops at the end of the day are human ones with an underliying need for being liked, connection, and our needs being served and met as fully as we feel we need to them to be.

In the Five Languages of Apology, Dr Chapman puts forward the idea that disputes can often get out of control because we speak different apology languages,  just like we speak different love languages.

So, his argument runs, if the person does not hear what they want to hear in terms of a seemingly genuine expression of true contrition, they will continue to feel aggrieved no matter what apology is offered.

It is also a question of perspective.   Sometimes an offence which may seem slight to one person is a huge dealbreaker for the other person.  We also have to try not to blow things out of proportion. Ask yourself: Am I still going to be worried about this issue 6 months from now? If not, then let it go.


Thus, in the same way that we can mis-communicate with our partner in terms  of love, we may also do that in terms of dispute resolution, apologizing, learning from the incident, and making sure both parties don’t have any cause for lingering resentment.

Resentment and grudges are total passion-killers in a relationship.  So is talking a mistake to death.  Offering forgiveness doesn’t necessarily make the issue go away, but it does give you more freedom, because you have less to hold onto and begrudge.

You also need to look at intention-was it deliberate? Yes, you were hurt, but if you were in the kitchen with your partner, and a pot fell on your foot, would you assume they dropped it on your foot on purpose to cause you pain?  For the most part, if a person is in a relationship with us, they do actually WANT to see us happy, not hurt.

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Belkin USB 7 Port Hub

If you own a computer which is more than two years old, you may find that the

PC only has four USB ports. The Belkin USB 7 port hub is a wonderful device that

gives you additional ports without having to overload your PC with numerous


For example, two years ago Windows XP was replaced with the Windows Vista

operating system.  Depending upon the type of PC you purchased, it may have up

to six ports. This is standard in older computers. However, let’s assume you

wanted to add a camera, scanner, upload pictures with a digital camera

(which requires a USB port), or other peripherals – and you’ve run out of USB

ports.  Having a Belkin port hub is ideal since it is compact and is attached to

one port on the back of your PC.  All peripherals are then connected to each

port on the hub.

Newer computers have ports on the front of the PC as well as the ones in back.

Rather than 7 different cables running from the back and front of the PC to your

power surge outlet, the Belkin gives you the flexibility to use it as the sole

hub for all peripherals including your printer, mouse, keyboard, external hard

drive, or iPod.  Plug the Belkin cable into one of the PC ports and connect each

USB cable into the hub.

The features of the Belkin USB 7 Port Hub include:

* Adds connections for up to 7 USB devices to your computer

* Features 2 top-load USB ports for quick access

* Includes an internal weight and stay-put pads to keep Hub anchored to

the desk

* Requires no external power supply (for most devices)

* Prevents damage to your computer and devices with over-current protection

* Model: F5U307-WHT

* Hardware Platform: PC

* Connectivity Technology: Wired

* Data Link Protocol: Hi-Speed USB

* Network Data Transfer Rate: 480 Megabits Per Second

* Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

The benefit of having a Belkin USB 7 port hub is that it not only organizes the

cables attached, but is easy to use and can be placed on top of your computer

desk or on a shelf within the desk itself.  There is no need to move the PC to

find port space, but with the Belkin having two top load ports, offers quicker


In addition, the Belkin has a light for every port.  When you turn on the PC,

all of the ports that are being used light up.  However, if one of the lights

does not go on or goes out while you are online, you can quickly determine

which peripheral is not working.

The Belkin USP 7 port hub is a must have for PC users who not only have a

number of external peripherals that require connection via USB port, but keeps

the number of cables used down to a minimum.

Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Router

Although desktop computers are still popular, wireless laptops have become the

norm due to the fact that you can use them anywhere in your home.  With the

Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Router, this technology offers you the freedom to work

in any room in your home or apartment.

For home businesses, the Belkin router is ideal because there are no cables and

wires that inhibit movement from one room to another.  Even in a small

apartment, the Belkin allows you to network between your desktop and laptop in

an easy and affordable way by offering up to 400 feet of coverage.

You can transfer files from one computer to another and

print information in one room while the printer is located in another.  In fact, with the summer

weather approaching you can utilize your patio and enjoy the outdoors while

attending to whatever work needs to be done.

The Belkin router includes the following features:

* Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b devices

* Sets up easily with Belkin Easy Install Wizard

* Ensures data and network security with wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP


* Uses NAT and SPI firewall to protect network from outside intrusions by


* Device Type: Wireless Router

* Form Factor: Desktop

* Wireless Network Standards: IEEE 802.11g

* Wireless Network Standards: IEEE 802.11b

* Wireless Data Transfer Rates: 54 Mbps

* Security Protocols: 128-bit WEP

* Security Protocols: 64-bit WEP

* Networking Standards: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10Base-T

* Networking Standards: IEEE 802.3u Ethernet


* Routing / Firewall Protoccols: DHCP

* Routing / Firewall Protoccols: Network Address Translation (NAT)

* Firewall Features: MAC Address Filtering

The Belkin router is compact and easy to install.  In fact some users have

commented that they set up the router in a closet and still maintained strong

signals from it.  It is compatible with Windows Vista as well as other operating

systems, and most users were amazed at not only how easy the software was to

install, but afterward had an instant connection.  Moreover, the fact that the

Belkin works with a cable modem and DSL line is a plus!

While there are many individuals who are tied to desktop computers, many have

purchased a laptop with the Belkin wireless router to afford them the

opportunity to work from any room in their home.  More importantly, however, the

ability to network has become more popular today than ever before.

Home businesses find networking a necessity, and the Belkin provides an alternative

to desktop computing.

If you have a desktop PC at home and have purchased a laptop that you would

like to use as part of a network, check out the Belkin Wireless router.


What is Probate?

The word “probate” is taken from the Latin word, “probere,” which means “to prove.”  Probate is the legal process whereby a will is proven valid or invalid, and the total assets of the deceased person are counted, appraised, and inventoried.

Probate court also makes sure that all taxes and debts against the estate are paid, and then the remaining assets are divided among the heirs and beneficiaries.

If a person has all of his property is his or her name, these are known as his or her “assets.”  Assets include real estate, tangible property, such as jewelry, cars, etc, and intangible property, such as bank accounts, and stocks or bonds.

Most of the time, a person’s spouse and children would inherit his or her assets after he or she dies.  However, first they must prove that they are legal heirs by submitting marriage and birth or adoption records.

Before the heirs can take control of the assets, the assets must be authenticated by the courts.  To accomplish this, the heirs must submit the person’s death certificate and documentation that all of the assets belong to the deceased.

The probate court will then appoint a personal representative to administer the probate case.  He or she will inventory, appraise, and authenticate the assets.

There are special situations that arise that are exceptions to this process.  For example, certain assets belonging to the deceased may not go through the probate court.  For instance, if the deceased appointed someone as beneficiary when opening a bank account, the funds from the bank account would be transfered to the beneficiary into the beneficiary’s account directly upon the bank holder’s death, without going through the probate court.

The process is different if the deceased prepared a document where he or she clearly spelled out how much and too whom the assets should be given.  The deceased may have named a personal representative, but if he or she did not, the court would then appoint and “executor” and a guardian for any children involved who may need help managing any assets.

This document is called a “will” and should have been notarized and signed by two or more witnesses.  If a person dies after writing a valid will, then he or she is considered to have died “testate,” which means “to make a will.”  The person writing the will is known as the “testator.”  Conversely, if someone dies without leaving a will, then he or she is known to have died “intestate,” and the beneficiaries would have to be determined appropriately.

Because the law requires that the heirs or beneficiaries prove the validity of the will, the will has to go through the probate court process.  Only then will the probate court begin the process of paying any outstanding debts and taxes against the estate, and then divide the remaining assets to the heirs and beneficiaries, according to the directions of the will.

The court issues a formal order to transfer the property directly to the heirs and beneficiaries according to existing inheritance laws.

How long does the probate process take, you might wonder.  The completion of the process depends upon a number of things, such as the size of the estate, worth of the assets, validity of the will, the appointment of the executor or personal representative in case there is no will, and locating and notifying all of the beneficiaries.

If the paperwork is not too complex, then the process will generally take less than a year.

However, if the will is contested or anything untoward happens in the process, probate can take many years to complete.


What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is Estate planning is a process to consider alternatives for, to think through, and to set up legally effective arrangements that would meet your specific wishes if something happens to you or those you care about. Good estate planning is more than just a simple will.

Good estate planning also typically minimizes potential taxes and fees, and sets up contingency planning to make sure your wishes regarding health care treatment are followed.

On the financial side, a good estate plan coordinates what would happen with your home, your investments, your business, your life insurance, your employee benefits (such as a 401K plan), and other property in the event you became disabled or if you die.

On the personal side, a good estate plan  should include directions to carry out your wishes regarding health care matters. Thus, in the event that you ever are unable to give direction yourself, the person you select as your legal representative  would do that for you. You would give them the authority to act upon your previously determined instructions, such as when you would want them to authorize heroic measures, and when you would prefer they act on a Do Not Resuscitate order.

You should have an estate plan if:

(1) you are the parent of minor children

(2) you have property that you care about

(3) you care about your health care treatment.

If you do not have minor children, do not care about your property, and have no concerns about your health care treatment, then you do not need an estate plan.

But if you meet any of these categories above, you really should have an estate plan.

There are many websites and books available on effective estate planning.


Preventing Foreclosure: It IS Possible

Foreclosure is a word that has come to strike terror into the hearts of many these days, with the economy taking a rapid downward turn and recession on everyone’s lips.

Foreclosure may sound like the worst thing in the world to have happen to you, but there ARE steps you can take to prevent foreclosure.

The first steps is to educate yourself, so you know your rights. Read your documentation from the bank that should stipulate what happens in the event of missed payment/s.

Never ever ignore letters or calls from the bank. In fact, if you think you might be late with a payment for ANY reason, even if it is just a day or two, be responsible and tell them rather than have them set in motion a whole chain of events which might snowball into something much worse.

Everyone is going through some very difficult financial times at the minute. But the bank really does NOT want to render you homeless, not if there is any hope of you being able to keep up some sort of regular payments.

Preventing foreclosure is not easy, but it is possible if you’re prepared to work at it.

Dealing with your mortgage company or bank will be easy if you are reasonable, responsible, and pro-active. You know there is a problem, and you want to work together with them to find a solution.

It is never too late, even if you have received a foreclosure notice, if you keep calm and are willing to stick to a plan to get you through the lean times.

One thing that you should definitely consider doing is consulting with a HUD counselor, who will give you all sorts of free information. DO NOT use any of the paid services on line. They are a waste of money that you don’t have. has a map so you can start locating a counselor in your area.

Here a this website you might also want to read the information in the money section on why you need a budget, and how to create one. Do you really need all those cable channels every month? How much can you save if you brown bag lunch every day and give up takeaway?

A credit counselor will also help-there is a lot of free advice on the internet which you can learn to apply to your own situation without spending a small fortune.

Once you look at your foreclosure situation and general financial situation, you should be able to draw up a workable plan to get yourself out of financial trouble with the bank so you will no longer be in danger of foreclosure.

Again, the bank does not want to see you out on the street, and if you were a terrible customer or risk, they would never have given you the mortgage in the first place. The bank’s job is to make sure that if a customer is having difficulty keeping up with their monthly mortgage payments, to make all attempts to try and help that customer resolve the matter at hand.

The HUD counselor should be able to explain the most important aspects of your situation to you, in such a way that your bank will be happy to work with you on whatever plan you’ve come up with to get out of arrears and all of your payments back on track to prevent foreclosure.

For more information, visit:
for step by step practical advice and resources.


Product Review: Earth Source Multi-Nutrient Tablets By Solgar

Earth Source Multi-Nutrient Tablets Providing Whole Food Concentrates By Solgar – 180 Count
Price Range $55- $85

5.0 out of 5 stars
The best vitamins out there for overall health, great value

I recommend these vitamins because the price may seem steep, but it is a 180 count and they are an extremely complete formula.  They are great for keeping you nutritionally balanced, and are especially good for heart health and circulation.
They are tablets, not capsules, so some people may find their large-ish size a bit difficult to swallow.  They are also green in color, and have a strong taste of rutin, which is a buckwheat derivative which is supposed to help with your circulation.

The Vitamin E combined with the bee pollen and rutin definitely helps your immune system, as well.  Plus, speaking from personal experience of myself and my hubby, also perks up your sex life due to the circulation benefits. Nothing like being happy as well as healthy!  😉
I usually buy mine at Amazon; it is well worth comparison shopping for these vitamins, as the price can vary widely. The 180 count is excellent value, but you might want to buy a smaller size at first just to see if you get on with the taste and the size of the tablet.

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