New Range of Dog Breed Jewelry

Our animal rescue friends have done it again, launching a new line of breed-related dog jewelry.

We love cocker spaniels here, so let’s start with this pretty pendant:

ProudCockerSpanielMomPendantWithFauxDiamondChips ProudCockerSpanielMomPendantwithFauxDiamonds

BUY NOW: Cocker Spaniel Pendant = Proud Cocker Spaniel Mom

Or, if you want to start selling these and other items in this jewelry line, go to the affiliate page for RingAround and earn 25% commission on every item you sell.

Makes a great gift for Mother’s Day or for anyone who is the pet parent for a cocker baby. More breeds coming soon!


Best Bargains for July

Aahhh! It’s time for summer cookouts. I bet you can just smell the charcoal?
What could be better than eating outside in the warmer weather.

You will soon hear lots of requests for hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.
Summer can be an expensive time of year with the children home and wanting to be entertained, but you can save money on food at this time of year by shopping the sale, and getting all those delicious “fixings” on sale!

Check out the best buys at your grocery stores in July on cookout items such as:

•Bottled water
•Tea bags
•Ground beef
•Hot dogs
•Barbecue sauce
•Hamburger and hot dog buns
•Popsicles and other frozen treats
•Ice cream/sorbet

Don’t forget your fresh summer produce:

•Green beans

These necessary non-food items to complete your picnics also have special sales in July:

•Paper plates
•Disposable cups
•Plastic eating utensils
•Charcoal Lighter Fluid

If you need to replace any furniture, July is the month to find it on sale. Shop the 4th of July sales whenever possible. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, which can mean extended 5 days sales from the weekend right through to mid-week.

Enjoy the warmer weather and get started shopping for bargains.

And don’t forget, back to school will be just around the corner next month, so shop smartly.


Saving Money, Investing Wisely in 2012 – Insider Secrets on How to Make the Most of Your Money in this Ongoing Recession


Money Matters for June

Here is a calendar of events that will help you say on top of your finances this June.

1-30 National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month. Celebrate the fresh fruits and vegetables you can get from your local farmers’ markets this month. Save more money and boost your local economy by purchasing produce from farmers’ markets.

1 Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins. Avoid experiencing a storm in your financial life. Take a look at your monthly credit card debt. Reduce unnecessary monthly fees and expenses by paying off all those balances.
13 Update your Resume. Spend some time reflecting on your career. Are you accomplishing what you’ve hoped to accomplish? Do you love your work? It’s good to keep your resume updated, just in case you decide to make a career move.
14 Flag Day. Today in the USA we celebrate the creation of our flag, which stands for the unity and independence of our country. Honor your country and community with responsible management of your finances. It’s a great day to open a savings account or add to yours.

15 Estimated 2nd Quarter Taxes Due. For those who are self-employed or have other income to report, now’s the time.
17 Father’s Day. Father’s Day is the perfect day to spend time with your dad. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to ask him for nuggets of wisdom about personal finances today?
20 First Day of Summer. Take advantage of this day to plan a relaxing vacation or weekend getaway. Save up cash so that unnecessary after-vacation credit card bills aren’t part of the memories.
28 Insurance Awareness Day. Today’s the day to look over your insurance plans — auto, home, health, and life. Do you have enough insurance? Protect yourself with judicious insurance planning.
30 Evaluate Your College Savings Plans for Your Kids. Now that this school year’s done, take some time to examine how you’re doing in terms of college savings plans for your children.


Best Bargains: June

Here are some ideas on how to save money in June.

Summer gets into full swing this month. Check out the June deals at your local grocery stores.

Go ahead and buy some extras while they’re on sale to save some money over the next few months as you partake in summer activities.

Here are some of the items that will be on sale in June:

• Bottled water
• Soda
• Tea bags
• Iced tea mixes
• Frozen treat novelties
• Ice cream

Looking for fresh produce? You’ll also find deals on these delectable fruits and veggies:

• Cantaloupe
• Corn
• Blueberries
• Lettuce
• Peaches
• Strawberries
• Watermelon

On nonfood items, you’ll get some great buys on dishes in June. Later, around Father’s Day, look for sales on tools for Dad.

As summer approaches, you might be thinking more and more about getting into shape. June is a great time to check out your local gyms because they’ll be reducing the cost of their summer memberships this month.

It’s time to get out and explore the local bargains as you celebrate the coming of warmer weather. Save on these food and non-food items to get your summer party started.


Best Bargains: May

Here are some ideas on the best ways to save money in May:

Are you ready for picnics and barbecues? May is the time to eat outdoors. After all, the weather is beautiful and there are all kinds of outdoor activities to take part in.

You’ll find plenty of bargains at the grocery store this month for all those cookouts!

Look for sales on these foods:

• Bottled water
• Carbonated beverages
• Hamburger
• Hot dogs
• Buns for hamburgers and hotdogs
• Chips
• Condiments like mustard, ketchup and relish
• Frozen pies
• Ice cream
• Frozen novelty treats

If you’re after a new refrigerator or vacuum cleaner, May would be the month to replace those 2 items as the prices will be right.

Some summer-related items will also be on sale, like:

• Napkins
• Paper plates
• Disposable cups
• Charcoal
• Charcoal fluid
• Pots and pans for cooking
• Outdoor furniture

Plan to have the best summer you’ve ever had this year.

Stock up on all these foods and nonfood items to last you until fall arrives. You’ll make your dollars go further and have plenty to eat all summer long!