Best Bargains for July

Aahhh! It’s time for summer cookouts. I bet you can just smell the charcoal?
What could be better than eating outside in the warmer weather.

You will soon hear lots of requests for hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.
Summer can be an expensive time of year with the children home and wanting to be entertained, but you can save money on food at this time of year by shopping the sale, and getting all those delicious “fixings” on sale!

Check out the best buys at your grocery stores in July on cookout items such as:

•Bottled water
•Tea bags
•Ground beef
•Hot dogs
•Barbecue sauce
•Hamburger and hot dog buns
•Popsicles and other frozen treats
•Ice cream/sorbet

Don’t forget your fresh summer produce:

•Green beans

These necessary non-food items to complete your picnics also have special sales in July:

•Paper plates
•Disposable cups
•Plastic eating utensils
•Charcoal Lighter Fluid

If you need to replace any furniture, July is the month to find it on sale. Shop the 4th of July sales whenever possible. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, which can mean extended 5 days sales from the weekend right through to mid-week.

Enjoy the warmer weather and get started shopping for bargains.

And don’t forget, back to school will be just around the corner next month, so shop smartly.


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