Best Bargains for July

Aahhh! It’s time for summer cookouts. I bet you can just smell the charcoal?
What could be better than eating outside in the warmer weather.

You will soon hear lots of requests for hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.
Summer can be an expensive time of year with the children home and wanting to be entertained, but you can save money on food at this time of year by shopping the sale, and getting all those delicious “fixings” on sale!

Check out the best buys at your grocery stores in July on cookout items such as:

•Bottled water
•Tea bags
•Ground beef
•Hot dogs
•Barbecue sauce
•Hamburger and hot dog buns
•Popsicles and other frozen treats
•Ice cream/sorbet

Don’t forget your fresh summer produce:

•Green beans

These necessary non-food items to complete your picnics also have special sales in July:

•Paper plates
•Disposable cups
•Plastic eating utensils
•Charcoal Lighter Fluid

If you need to replace any furniture, July is the month to find it on sale. Shop the 4th of July sales whenever possible. The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, which can mean extended 5 days sales from the weekend right through to mid-week.

Enjoy the warmer weather and get started shopping for bargains.

And don’t forget, back to school will be just around the corner next month, so shop smartly.


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Top Shopping Deals for the Month of April

With several religious holidays this month, you’ll likely be preparing some big meals.

Thankfully, there are also plenty of deals at the grocery store for ingredients you’ll need to cook up those feasts. In April, you’ll discover great buys on the following:

• Ham
• Eggs
• Candy (especially if you wait until after Easter)
• Rolls and prepared dough products
• Pre-made pie crusts
• Frozen pies
• Cake mixes and frosting
• Asparagus
• Broccoli
• Lettuce
• Mushrooms

You’ll find some very good prices for non-food items as well. Whether you need some new sneakers, or want to cook your holiday dishes in new pots and pans, it’s time to go shopping! Check out this list of April bargains:
• Athletic shoes
• Cookware
• Electronics
• Fabric
• Tires and other car accessories

Take advantage of these deals while you can and get ready for the holidays and the nice warm weather.


April Financial Calendar

1-30 Financial Literacy Month. Established in the US to encourage people to educate themselves about all things financial, Financial Literacy Month is the time to learn more about budgeting and improving your money habits.
Do something this month to expand your knowledge of financial matters—attend a financial seminar or read a book about finances written by one of your favorite money gurus.

1 Are you ready to file your taxes? Ensure you have all the forms and records you need to do your income taxes so you can file by April 17.

6 Good Friday. Spend time with loved ones today.

7 United Nations’ World Health Day. This holiday commemorates the importance of the health of all peoples. Every year on this date, the UN releases its message in terms of current health priorities. Why not use this day to survey your current financial health? It’s time to ensure your budget is in shape.

8 Easter. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look over your entire investment portfolio this evening to ensure you’ve diversified your “nest egg” to ensure the best results.

17 Income Taxes Due. If you haven’t filed your taxes yet and can’t do it today, file an extension today so that you have until October 15 to file them. If you owe money though, the money is still due, so if you don’t pay until October, you’ll owe interest and penalties as well.

22 Earth Day. Established to celebrate our “neighborhood,” this holiday reminds us to give pause and thanks for the earth. Why not renew your recycling and re-purposing efforts? You’ll save waste at the local landfill and get double-duty from more of your personal belongings. Recycle, re-purpose and save money! For more information, and great activities for the whole family, see: Earth Day and Every Day: A Beginner’s Guide to Green Activities and Recipes (Green Matters)

25 Administrative Professionals’ Day. This day is designated to honor all the administrative professionals who keep the offices going. Why not splurge this year and give the administrative professional(s) at your office a $25 savings bond?
30 Get ready for spring. Have you thought about having a garage sale to make some extra money? Do some spring cleaning and price items you’re ready to get rid of. Deposit the money you make into your savings account. Good job!


March Financial Calendar

1-31 National Nutrition Month. Spearheaded by the National Dietetic Association, National Nutrition Month was established to remind people to eat nutritionally and develop healthy exercise habits. During March, concentrate on your nutritional intake and level of physical activity. Your good health = more money in the bank.

1 The first quarter of the year ends the 31st of this month. Maybe it’s time to take a look at your earnings so far this year. Are you meeting your mark? Think creatively about what you can do to increase your income every quarter this year.
2 Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss’ Birthday. Dr. Seuss books serve as encouragements to read for a lot of kids every year. Why not donate a large stack of Dr. Seuss books to a local nursery school, grade school or foster care program? You’ll feel so wonderful to know you’re giving the gift of reading to children, plus your donation is tax deductible, which means you’ll benefit, too at the end of the year!
11 Daylight Saving Time Begins. Although you’ll lose an hour when you set your clocks forward one hour at 2 a.m., ultimately you’ll save money by using less energy for lighting. After all, when Daylight Saving Time begins, you save daylight!
15 Business taxes are due today for many people who run their own business. This is also a good day to start gathering your paperwork for April 15th.
17 St. Patricks’ Day. Who doesn’t love to celebrate the patron saint, St. Patrick, of Ireland? Have fun with your friends and family and don’t forget to wear green. Speaking of the color green, put an extra $50 away this week in honor of St. Patrick.

20 First Day of Spring. With the amount of daylight and night-time nearly even today, you might say it’s a day of balance. Take a look at your stock portfolio to ensure it’s balanced in terms of growth stocks and stable CDs.
22 World Water Day. This day in March is designated by the United Nations to increase the world’s understanding of the importance of water to the lives of all people. Do you do everything you can to conserve water in your home and office? Take shorter showers and teach your kids to do the same. You’ll not only conserve water, you’ll also save on your water bills.
31 Review monthly grocery expenditures. Gather your grocery store cash register receipts for this month. How much did you spend for the month? Plan to reduce your monthly total by 10% next month.