Doing the right thing for a friend-and getting punished for it?

Massachusetts honor student punished for driving drunken friend home from party

Even though she was sober, the girl still got into trouble for going to the aid of her friend.

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A girl who went to the aid of her friend had the book thrown at HER even though she had not attended any party and was completely sober. The school says they have zero tolerance for alcohol, but someone gave the one underaged girl alcohol to drink. When she knew she could not get home safely on her own, she called her friend to help her. The friend did the responsible thing and went to go get her.

No one should allow a drunken girl to make her way home by herself. If women do not protect other women, we all run the risk of becoming victims of badly intentioned people.

The school board should reconsider punishing someone for only trying to help and be a good friend and responsible person.

Alcohol impairs judgment; this is why it is supposed to be legal only for older people who, it is assumed, can behave responsibly when they drink. The laws are there to protect teens, but we know that they want to try the ‘forbidden fruits’ of alcohol. It is a real issue in modern society, and needs to be dealt with realistically.