Making the Most of Seasonal Foods

The autumn is here, and with it nature’s bounty. All of the fresh fruits and vegetables that ripen in the fall are at their peak of freshness. Why not make the most of them with some great recipes. Eat some now, and freeze the rest?

Make ahead and freeze cooking can help you save time and money. You will waste a lot less food if your family stops doing the ‘leftover shuffle’, pushing last night’s delicious dish to the back in favor of something freshly cooked, or even worse, take away food.

Let’s face facts. We all love variety. Sadly, a lot of us are also carrying around a few extra pounds. Portion control and packaging up leftovers into ‘TV dinners’ is one way to get the range of foods we love and still stay slim. Serve with a salad and you have a complete meal for pennies on the dollar compared to takeaway.

Make and freeze recipes are also perfect if you have special diets to cater to. Color-code your container covers. Write on the lids or sides using freezer tape, and your picky eater or person will allergies can be sure that they are eating what they want and what’s safe for them.

Many people used to can or jar their produce to preserve it before it spoiled. Packing your freezer with recipes made with the freshest seasonal produce is even better, saving you time and money. Never again do you have to wonder what’s for dinner, and whether it will be delicious.

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Microwave Your Way to More Free Time Part 2


Budget is a common word now a day, so every little bit of saving helps. Savings is just one of the many pluses of microwaving. It makes it possible for quick and painless trips to the always crowded super market. Not having to purchase multiple ingredients can help to make your wallet that much thicker.

In some cases the ready-made meals might not always be the best bet. Sometimes you might spend more on the meal opposed to buying individual ingredients. Careful planning on shopping day can help keep your budget in check when purchasing microwave meals.

There are also many options to choose from when wondering what to cook with your “high speed oven.” Full meals all packaged up with all the ingredients already mixed together ready to go. Who can beat that!

It becomes an even bigger help when you have children to feed. How often do you pre heat your oven for chicken nuggets for that afternoon snack? Microwave cooking can cut the cooking and waiting time in half, giving you more time to spend doing the things you and your family love to do.