Even More Make and Freeze Recipes Review

Even more make and freeze recipesEven more make and freeze recipes by Erin Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third guide in the authors’ series on eating well for less and builds on the first two books very well to expand your list of great make and freeze meals your whole family will enjoy. I was impressed with how clear and well-written this book is, just like the other two, and how well all the recipes I tried came out. These recipes can be used right away, or frozen into portions for TV dinners, or frozen as an entire meal you can have on hand for guests/the holidays or when the kids are on vacation. The recipes were written very clearly for even a beginner cook, so they can get good results. They are the typical kinds of things most American families would enjoy eating at home, or at a restaurant. These authors give a lot of great advice and clearly know their way around a kitchen. They sure know a lot about freezing foods as well so nothing goes to waste.

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More Make and Freeze Recipes Review

More Make and Freeze Recipes
by Mara Michaels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second recipe guide in this series and helped me get even more out of my freezer than before. In response to a lot of reader questions, they give not just recipes, but a very thorough guide as to all the important considerations when buying a new freezer. PLUS they also teach you how to get the most out of your freezer space for maximum efficiency. I’ve been cooking my way through both books and everything has turned out great. We might almost worry about gaining weight but I am portioning things out really carefully and stretching the whole meal with lots of vegetables. Putting together special meals for the different tastes in my family is really easy now-I followed their suggestions about the containers and it works great. No more picky eaters. The proof of the pudding in any cookbook is to make the recipes and these are clear, well-organized and perfect for beginner cooks who want to learn how to make their favorite dishes without having to buy pre-prepared meals or eat out. I’ve saved a lot of money cooking the way they suggest so I highly recommend this guide to every beginner cook.

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Make and Freeze Recipes Review

Make and Freeze Recipes: Great Foods You Can Cook, Freeze, and Use Quickly and Easily by Carolyn Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was impressed with how clear and well-written this book is and how well all the recipes I tried came out, right after being cooked, and also after being frozen. I can make my own ‘TV dinners’ from scratch now using all fresh ingredients and know exactly what is in them. GREAT for people with any food allergies. Busy people can live better for less and feed their whole family well. The recipes were written very clearly for even a beginner cook, so they can get good results.

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Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant Review

Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant: Ethnic and Regional Recipes from the Cooks at the Legendary RestaurantSundays at Moosewood Restaurant: Ethnic and Regional Recipes from the Cooks at the Legendary Restaurant by Carolyn B. Mitchell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I remember eating in the restaurant and being so impressed I immediately wanted to learn how to cook like that myself. I have cooked my way through this book from cover to cover with my husband and the African peanut stew and empanadas are a family favorite we make often. These recipes are a bit more complicated than in some of the other books they have produced, but the results are impressive and well worth the extra effort.

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Book Review: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Life Insurance

This is a really easy-to-use life-insurance guidebook which can help you plan for the unthinkable, and also learn how to use life insurance as a means of financial planning for your family. You might think you know all about life insurance, but in fact, there are several different kinds, some of which can actually be used as an investment to improve your family’s financial future, so that you can enjoy your later years if you do not actually pass away, but live until a ripe old age.

For others families with a large number of assets, they might decide upon a different type of policy in order to protect their hard-earned money from estate taxes and thus leave a larger legacy to their loved ones.

We appreciated the way that the author, Jim Franklin, laid out the differences between the policies really clearly. We also loved the little extra guide book provided for us to be able to download and print out to use when we were talking to our own Chartered Life Underwriter about the kind/s of policies that suited our personal life insurance goals. Reading books on a Kindle and other e-reader can be really handy, but we appreciate the time and effort the author and publishers took to provide this additional valuable PDF for us to download from a special supporting page they gave access to at their website through the ebook.

This handy guide will help answer your most important questions about life insurance, make your own calculations as to what you really need, and generally give you detailed information that will help you make informed decisions about what kind of life insurance. It also gives handy advice on the pros and cons of each type of insurance, and how to deal with the question of insurance pay outs.

Life insurance is certainly not cheap, but the authors give you an invaluable overview to help you understand exactly what you are buying, and why, and helps clarify your financial goals for your family, and the best ways to meet them, regardless of whether you are still alive, or have passed away.

We certainly hope we will all be here for many years to come, but this guide can help you plan for the best and prepare for the worst scenarios, and give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of you suddenly no longer being in the picture.

If you want to compare policies, watch out for insurance purchasing pitfalls, and use your life insurance as smart investment vehicle, this guide can help you with all of these goals.

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Book Review: Poisoning Our Children

Is your environment healthy? Or are your kids breathing and living in an environment that is toxic and may be causing serious harm to them? What do you really know about the environment in which you live?

In Poisoning our Children, Nancy Green describes her difficult journey to discover the source of her illness and her efforts to make herself and her environment healthy again. In doing so she outlines ways that everyone can eliminate exposures to dangerous chemicals. She particularly addresses how parents can create a safe, non-toxic environment for their children.

Included in this useful book is information on some shocking things that most people are not aware of, including:

-the pesticide residues in food:

-the formaldehyde in furniture, carpeting and clothing;

-the untested chemicals in household cleaning products;

-the number of chemicals in everyday items like soap and shampoo.


The how and why these chemicals can make us sick, and what to do about them, is a major part of this ground breaking book.

The author shares how over the course of many months, with trips to several doctors, she suffered debilitating symptoms of an illness that defied diagnosis.

The final diagnoses that was given was astounding and unbelievable: her home was literally making her sick. With the knowledge she gained, Green began to get well, and set out to learn all that she could about the chemical/health disorder known as Environmental Illness (EI).

In the book she makes a convincing case for parents to change from a toxic to non-toxic lifestyle, with a lot of practical “how-tos” included.

While Green’s story may be an extreme example of EI, her cautionary tale is one to be heeded. Parents have serious choices to make when it comes to what is in and around our home.

To be educated is the best way to know what is around our kids that can cause irreversible harm. Poisoning Our Children is the perfect resource to learn about what lurks in the environment that might be harming your family, and how to live a cleaner and greener lifestyle without so many harmful chemicals.