Book Review: Poisoning Our Children

Is your environment healthy? Or are your kids breathing and living in an environment that is toxic and may be causing serious harm to them? What do you really know about the environment in which you live?

In Poisoning our Children, Nancy Green describes her difficult journey to discover the source of her illness and her efforts to make herself and her environment healthy again. In doing so she outlines ways that everyone can eliminate exposures to dangerous chemicals. She particularly addresses how parents can create a safe, non-toxic environment for their children.

Included in this useful book is information on some shocking things that most people are not aware of, including:

-the pesticide residues in food:

-the formaldehyde in furniture, carpeting and clothing;

-the untested chemicals in household cleaning products;

-the number of chemicals in everyday items like soap and shampoo.


The how and why these chemicals can make us sick, and what to do about them, is a major part of this ground breaking book.

The author shares how over the course of many months, with trips to several doctors, she suffered debilitating symptoms of an illness that defied diagnosis.

The final diagnoses that was given was astounding and unbelievable: her home was literally making her sick. With the knowledge she gained, Green began to get well, and set out to learn all that she could about the chemical/health disorder known as Environmental Illness (EI).

In the book she makes a convincing case for parents to change from a toxic to non-toxic lifestyle, with a lot of practical “how-tos” included.

While Green’s story may be an extreme example of EI, her cautionary tale is one to be heeded. Parents have serious choices to make when it comes to what is in and around our home.

To be educated is the best way to know what is around our kids that can cause irreversible harm. Poisoning Our Children is the perfect resource to learn about what lurks in the environment that might be harming your family, and how to live a cleaner and greener lifestyle without so many harmful chemicals.