Small Fashion Changes, Big Bang For Your Buck

Everyone wants to look fashionable and wear stylish clothes, but that can be a challenging task, especially when you’re on a budget.

For the cost-conscious, major overhauls to your wardrobe are out of the question, but there are simple changes you canmake that can subtly change the effect of your clothes and outfits, and give your wardrobe a fresh new look.

Add a few unique accessories that emphasize color and shape, and you may be surprised at the change that slowly becomes apparent. Great accessories don’t have to be expensive and sometimes can be found in the most surprising locations. The best place to start is within your own closet and drawers ““ there may be the perfect accessory waiting to be discovered! A fast way to change the feel of an outfit is to turn your collar up. This accentuates your face and creates a nice line down the throat and the center of the body. To give it a slightly retro flair, turn the collar up and force the tips down a bit.

A tremendously useful accessory that doesn’t cost much is the humble scarf. Buy several in different colors and patterns as well as sizes, and you can use them as belts, headbands, accessories for bags, or just to wind around your neck. Scarves with mixes of unusual colors look especially stylish against black outfits. Use a long one to wrap around your neck and leave the ends free with one in the front and the other in the back. Shorter scarves can be used to tie around ponytails for a stylish yet cute touch or tied around the handle of your bag for a flash of color.Longer ones can be tied around your waist.

Earrings are another fabulous way to change up your look without spending a lot of money, and are one of the single best ways to create a mood for yourself. Choose a sparkly, dangly pair for a night out, and smaller, but color-coordinated ones for work.

Gold or silver accessories add a touch of elegance toany outfits.

Handbags and shoes are another way to dress an outfit up or down, and add a bit of stylish flair.


Tips for Smart Shopping for Clothes


We’ve all seen the headlines. These days, more and more people are living on a tight budget. While men and women alike enjoy shopping and appreciate having a nice wardrobe, they also want to be able to maintain some semblance of a budget in the process.

If you’re one of them, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when you head off shopping to expand and broaden your wardrobe.

Before purchasing a piece of clothing, try to think of at least two pieces that you already own that you can wear with it.

Don’t be haphazard with your purchases. You might see something on a shelf or rack and find it appealing, but if you don’t have anything that goes with it, it will just sit in your wardrobe. Avoid impulse purchases at all costs.

You might also consider shopping online to get some ideas as to how to mix and match your current wardrobe, with one or two all purpose pieces.

There is nothing worse than the impulse buy you regret, or the purchase that a salesperson talked you into.

While a particular item may be attractive, some items really do not enhance your wardrobe, or your appearance. hose skinny jeams may look great on someone who is skinny, but be realistic,”it may be the fashion, but if rolls of flab are sticking out from under your belly top you might want to go from something a bit more classic. Or at least do a few more sit ups and try to work off the love handles and muffin top.

When it comes to developing a wardrobe that is full of good value clothing you will be able to wear over and over again, it is important that the pieces that you select to include in your wardrobe compliment one another.

As you go about shopping and as you eye a piece of clothing on a store rack or shelf, don’t run off and purchase that piece unless you can be sure you have several things to match it, plus, it really is the bargain you think it is.

By shopping in a careful manner, you will be able to develop and create a truly fantastic and versatile wardrobe.

In addition to allowing you the ability to expand your wardrobe with compatible matching pieces, this manner of shopping also assists you saving money along the way. You end up avoiding impulse buying, and thus spending money on items that you will not be able to wear with any frequency because you do not have other items that match or compliment it. Or items that are so trendy they will be outdated soon, or so obvious that people will notice how often you wear it.

Remember, you can never go wrong with basic black, and a whole number of colors to go with it. But there is no need to buy a rainbow of color.  The more simple your wardrobe, the better. It will also save you time in trying to decide what to wear every morning!