Fashion Comfort and Style


Though style and comfort may appear to be a contradiction, it is possible to dress stylishly and still be comfortable! Thanks to innovations from designers like Stella McCartney and Donna Karan, women no longer have to force their bodies into stiff and tight clothes with unnatural shapes.


By using new fabrics and unique lines of construction, designers are now creating magnificent garments that fit and flatter the body without any of the sharp uncomfortable lines of the past that made a woman feel more like a mannequin than a person.


Some of the most stunning designs from recent runway shows are ones that incorporate fluid fabrics with distinctive draping techniques to create beautiful garments that incorporate comfort and style. Out with the corsets and girdles ““ comfortable style is finally available for every woman!


Look for the latest styles that are made in easy, fluid fabrics that flow over the body. The stiff fabrics of yesterday are typically uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to the body’s movements. Rather than walking around in uncomfortable,  sometimes scratchy, clothes, opt for softer fabrics that glide around the body and adapt to your motions, draping your figure rather than squashing it.


New styles and lines of construction mean that clothing is fashionable and up to the moment, and with the variety of choices available for styles and fabrics these day, where pretty much anything goes, there is no reason to be uncomfortable in your clothes ever again.


Even tailored clothing is being made in softer, more attractive fabrics that fit into busy lifestyles flawlessly. Many of these fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and require practically no ironing. Stylish, comfortable, and easy to care for…what more could a woman want? Women should never sacrifice comfort for style and with the current advances in fabrics, design and clothing construction; it is not even a problem.


Flip through your favorite fashion magazine or visit the ladies’ section at a department store and you will find examples of stylish clothes that actually feel good to wear. Forget about squeezing into tight, scratchy clothes– now you can look stylish and feel stress-free at the same time.


A humble black yoga pant for less than $20, combined with black shoes, flats or heels, can help you look stylish and comfortable at the same time, and can be dressed up or down with a longish lack tunic top as well. Just add accessories, attitude and flair, and enjoy. Now that is a recipe for comfort and style.