Even More Top Beauty Tips

1. When determining the compatibility of a shade of foundation with your own skin color, do not teston the back of your hand, which is always going to be darker than your face due to constant sun exposure and the fact that most people do not put moisturizer with SPF on their hands each day.
The best place to test it, aside from actually applying it on your face, of course, is under the chin, if you can, or your wrist.

2. Do facial exercises to firm and tone the muscles in your face. Lift the corners of your mouth into the widest smile you have. Hold this position to the count of five and repeat five times. If you are worried about wrinkles, reverse the effect with your biggest frown.

3. Make your foundation stay put all day by sealing it with loose powder. The powder will absorb the oil that melts your makeup.

4. Regularly clean the sponge you use to apply foundation so dust and dirt don’t build up, or replace it once each month. Dirty sponges and make-up will irritate your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin and can lead to infections and the spread of acne.

5. Oily hair products could be the culprits if you tend to get acne on your forehead, hairline, and anywhere your hair might touch your face. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly of shampoo and conditioners. Also be careful when applying hair gel or spray. Even if they are not oily, they can be irritating. Keep your hair away from your face, particularly when apply any hairstyling product to it. Avoid touching your hair and then touching your face.


How to Get Started Making Natural Homemade Beauty Products

Top Tips for Healthy Skin All Year Round

How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging


A Few More Beauty Tips

1. Dark spots on your skin? Rub on lemon over the area and finish off with some moisturizing lotion. Citrus juices lighten dark spots but they tend to dry the skin. Lotion will counteract the drying effect. Be sure to not go in the sun for at least 30 minutes after you have applied the citrus juice, as it can stain skin and in some cases cause a rash.

2. Concealers are handy when you need to cover up blemishes quickly. To cover up red blemishes, use a concealer with a yellow tint. Avoid ones that are so pale they will make you look flat and pasty.

3. Cover the tip of your eyeliner pencil with a small plastic baggie and then dip it in hot, not boiling, water for a few seconds. Remove and apply. The eyeliner will go on much more smoothly, without tugging or scratching at the tender skin around your eyes.

4. If you have fine hair, try shampoos that contain wheat proteins and polymers. These ingredients make your hair look thicker by coating the hair shaft to help build it up, and help stop fine hair from breaking.

5. Natural-looking makeup can often start with a blending brush. Blend dark with light in your blush, eye color, even lipstick to add depth to your look. Light blush on the top of your cheekbone and darker on the underside (suck in your cheeks to apply) can add real contours to your face.

6. For an inexpensive and effective hair and scalp conditioner, mix one cup of olive oil with one egg and half a lemon and whisk it to an even consistency. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair strands, working it all the way down to the ends. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse well with warm water.


How to Get Started Making Natural Homemade Beauty Products

Top Tips for Healthy Skin All Year Round


Inexpensive Ways to Deal with Wrinkles on Your Skin

Ask any woman what her main beauty concern is, and if she is over 30, she will most likely say wrinkles and trying to stay younger-looking longer. Most men too would like to preserve their smooth, supple skin throughout their lives but few are sure of the best ways to accomplish this.

With so many “anti-aging” products on the market, it can be almost impossible to sort through the helpful compared with the hype. The truth is that many natural remedies can actually be more effective than the expensive products you see on store shelves. This is because skin care treatments you can create in small, fresh batches at home will not contain all the chemicals, additives and preservatives of the products in bottles and jars. They will have no perfumes or other irritants that can clog pores, cause irritation, and actually worsen the appearance of your skin.

There are a number of ways to deal with the effect of aging upon the skin. The first is to learn more about antioxidants and free radicals. Free radicals are rogue molecules that can cause cellular damage and are thought to be one of the main causes of aging, and even cancer in the body, including skin cancer. The process of robbing the molecules is called oxidation, so antioxidants can protect against free radicals. Some antioxidants can be delicious, like blueberries and green tea, so adding these to your diet can help rejuvenate your skin.

Castor oil is a cheap and effective eye cream that will allow the thin, delicate skin around the eyes to retain necessary oils for a smooth complexion. Massage it around the eye area before bedtime for a powerful boost to the skin around your eyes.

Another way to diminish the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes are a pair of cucumber slices. Apply and relax for about ten minutes.

Citrus juices can tone and tighten the skin to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear, so one wrinkle-fighting mask to try would be to beat one egg white together with two teaspoons of orange juice, one-half teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of sweet almond oil. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply to your face and neck (which can start getting wrinkled and crepey-looking) and avoiding the eye area. Let it dry for thirty minutes and then rinse well with warm water.

One of the cheapest and best ways to prevent wrinkles is through your diet. Make sure your daily meals are full of antioxidants (as mentioned above) and vitamins (especially Vitamins A through E) to assist your skin in fighting off the effects of aging and the loss of elasticity.

You should also make it a point to include Omega-3 oils in your diet at least three times a week. The fatty acids found in Omega-3 oils are one of the best ways to help maintain smooth skin and keeps its elasticity and flexibility.

Eat a well-balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables and lean protein, and you could find that “eating a rainbow” every day is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your appearance and get rid of your wrinkles.


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Super Beauty Tips to Try

1. A mixture of one part powdered milk, one part lemon rind and two parts almond meal make for a great home-made facial scrub. You can also add half a part of lemon juice if you have oily skin.

2. Foundation can make you look natural, or supernatural. Choose the right shade carefully – it should be one shade lighter than your skin color unless you are deliberately aiming for something more dramatic.

3. If you have dry skin, mix oatmeal and honey to form a paste and apply it on your face. The oatmeal absorbs oil and the honey soothes the skin. Rinse off the mixture after 15 minutes.

4. Use coconut milk as an inexpensive alternative to salon hot oil treatments. Apply coconut milk onto scalp and hair with a cotton ball. Leave on overnight, sleeping with your hair wrapped in a towel, and shampoo in the morning. For really deep moisturizing, use coconut oil.

5. Clean all your make-up brushes with shampoo once a month. Professional cleaners can cost you a lot of money, but shampoo has enough make-up dissolving ability to keep your brushes clean and maintain them for a long time, especially if they are made with natural hair or bristles.

6. Stimulate your body’s natural oil glands by dry brushing. With a body brush, lightly brush your skin in circular motion. Follow this with a warm bath and your favorite moisturizer.


How to Get Started Making Natural Homemade Beauty Products

Top Tips for Healthy Skin All Year Round

How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging


Top Beauty Tips

1. If you suffer from dry skin, mash half an avocado and gently apply it to your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes to moisturize it, then wash off with warm water and pat dry.

2. Prevent dryness during cold, windy weather. Avoid washing your face too much and reduce use of alcohol-based toners and astringents.

3. Not sure where to apply your blush to get a natural look? Smile and pinch your cheeks where they tend to be most curved. Those are the apples of your cheeks and the blush should go there to highlight your features. Use a color only a tone or two darker or pinker than your skin color for a more natural look.

4. To give your lips a fuller, moister look, apply lip balm, then foundation, then lipstick. Just make sure that the lip balm is fully absorbed into your lips before applying the foundation so you do not get clumping.


How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging


How to Apply Blusher

Blusher always makes the face appear fresh and glowing with radiance. Learning how to apply blusher so you can look natural and not too made up is a skill worth learning if you want to look your best on every occasion.

Your main tools will be your mirror, a brush and your choice of blush. With these 3 tools, you can work some make-up magic.

The choice of blusher will be your most critical decision in this process. It should:
a-suit your skin color
b-work well with your skin type

The color should be slightly darker than your complexion. Do not test on the back of your hand, as it is actually going to be at least a couple of shades darker than your face unless you constantly put sunscreen on your hands too.

For day time use, a shade of blush close to your skin tone will be more than enough to help give you a healthy glow without looking too made up. If you match it with your lip gloss, you should look fresh and healthy all day.

For more dramatic evening looks, try to match the general shade of your darker lipstick.
But remember, you do not want to look too fake.

Your blush should also work with your skin type. Dry powder blushes work well for most people, until you get over age 35 and you skin might start to change. Cream blusher can give a more dewy look, but is not the best choice for oily skin.

The application of blush should be done last, after you have finished all of your eye make up and have applied any foundation and/or powder you plan to use. If you are using a powder blush, you can powder your face for a matte look.

If you are planning to use cream blush, avoid powdering so you do not get a caked look.

To apply powder blush, run your brush over the powder to pick up a small amount of color. Tap to get off too much excess and lean towards the mirror to avoid getting it on your clothes.

Face the mirror and smile. Stroke the brush from the top part of your cheek along the cheekbone, traveling upwards toward your hairline until it is blended it.

For cream blusher, put a small dab of blush on your middle finger. Dot the blush on the top part of the apple of the cheek (the fleshy part when you smile) cheek and go upwards, adding a couple of more dots. Gently blend the dots upwards toward your hairline.
Apply blush by focusing on the outer part of your face, near your hairline if you have a fuller face. Focus on the center of your face to give emphasis on your bones if you have high cheekbones.

Apply a little amount of blush down the sides of the face for a more natural and glowing look.

Avoid too much make up, especially on hot, sunny days, and if you have acne or roseacea.