Even More Top Beauty Tips

1. When determining the compatibility of a shade of foundation with your own skin color, do not teston the back of your hand, which is always going to be darker than your face due to constant sun exposure and the fact that most people do not put moisturizer with SPF on their hands each day.
The best place to test it, aside from actually applying it on your face, of course, is under the chin, if you can, or your wrist.

2. Do facial exercises to firm and tone the muscles in your face. Lift the corners of your mouth into the widest smile you have. Hold this position to the count of five and repeat five times. If you are worried about wrinkles, reverse the effect with your biggest frown.

3. Make your foundation stay put all day by sealing it with loose powder. The powder will absorb the oil that melts your makeup.

4. Regularly clean the sponge you use to apply foundation so dust and dirt don’t build up, or replace it once each month. Dirty sponges and make-up will irritate your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin and can lead to infections and the spread of acne.

5. Oily hair products could be the culprits if you tend to get acne on your forehead, hairline, and anywhere your hair might touch your face. Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly of shampoo and conditioners. Also be careful when applying hair gel or spray. Even if they are not oily, they can be irritating. Keep your hair away from your face, particularly when apply any hairstyling product to it. Avoid touching your hair and then touching your face.


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