How to Get the Raise You Deserve

Let’s face it, a lot of people are struggling in this economy, especially with gas prices and food prices going higher and no relief in sight. If you have been struggling to make ends meet for some time now, but have not dared bring up the subject of a raise because you are ‘afraid to rock the boat’, it all comes down to a matter of dollars and cents, as well as sense.

What have you done for the company that has SAVED them money, or earned them MORE money?

If you can come up with three specific examples, including a dollar figure for each one, you can certainly justify that you are worth an additional percentage of those savings and/or that extra profit.

If they say no to a raise, suggest that you be allowed to work on a commission basis. They might be reluctant to give a raise because this is a future commitment on their part every week, while a commission costs them nothing if you do not keep delivering the goods.

Don’t live paycheck to paycheck. There are ways to earn more if you do not make an emotional appeal, but one based on hard facts and figures. If they still say no, then start planning to go into business for yourself. After all, if your day job does not appreciate all you have to offer, then start using all of your talents and skills to make YOURSELF more successful.


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