Animal Cruelty on the Rise?

We just spotted this disturbing story of a teenaged girl being unkind to a kitten, along with several friends, who then threw the kitten into traffic so that it was hit by a car and killed. She was also heard to say that if she had the chance, she would do it again.

Other recent animal cruelty headlines involving teens include:

8 week old kitten has to be put down because injuries were so bad after it was shot with a pellet gun

Maine teen girls caught putting kitten in microwave

Burned kitten recovering after being doused with gasoline and set on fire
Judging from where it was found, still burning, we are going to guess that this kitten was also thrown out of a moving car after it was set alight.

And this is a crime an adult committed -kitten survives being thrown of third floor window by ex-boyfriend

Next year, animal cruelty complaints in New York City will be handled by the police first, who will then involve the ASPCA. With any luck for the poor animals, people will start to think twice about these sorts of actions once they know it means the police will immediately be involved.

All children need to be taught respect for living beings and for the property of others. ┬áThere is nothing amusing or ‘cool’ about harming an animals. If any one of those 6 children involved in throwing around the kitten had just stopped and tried to protect it, keep it away from the others, ask an adult for help, or behave in a responsible way, the kitten would probably still be alive.

Remember, those children had choices. The kitten had none.