How to Save on Baby Gifts Part 4

Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake gifts can include personalized items which mark the baby’s birthday in some way, such as a sterling silver engraved rattle, picture frame, or a special baby album or scrapbook. If you are the creative type, ask for photos of the baby/digital photos (couples will usually put together a digital album these days to share with everyone) and print out the best photos on high-quality photo paper on a good printer. Then use your scrapbooking talents to create a book full of memories. You can also choose from a range of pre-made baby books and add the photos. Many baby books will have a theme like baby’s first year, a sports theme, Hello Kitty and so on, so choose one you think will suit the tastes of the parents.


A gift card or gift certificate can help contribute towards all of the items a newborn  will require. Cash in a card is also greatly appreciated, even if it seems unimaginative. We have heard several complaints recently about couples barely able to make ends meet because they had no idea how expensive things were and how fast they burned through them.

Continued in Part 5


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