How to Have a Great Wedding Even on a Tight Budget

Many people believe that the only way to have a great wedding is to either elope to Vegas or spend a small fortune trying to impress friends and family. But the truth is that you can have a great wedding even without spending a lot of money if you are prepared to do your research and be organized. Here are some ideas for creating a stylish wedding even on a tight budget.

Wedding dress
This can be the most expensive part of your wedding. In fact, a wedding dress by itself can cost more than the average wedding! But you don’t need to spend a fortune on your wedding dress to be a stylish bride. Instead of shopping at high-priced bridal shops, shop online at e-Bay or visit a second-hand store to see what is available. Also look for end of the season or end of a line styles. David’s Bridal also has $99 wedding dress sales at least a couple of times a year. You can even rent a wedding dress and formal wear for the wedding party if you have to.

Cutting down on the size of the wedding party
If your wedding party is getting way too large because of your fear of offending anyone if they are left out, STOP. This is an expensive undertaking for anyone involved, with formal wear, shoes, flowers and so on all involved. Have a maid of honor and best man if you need to, and leave it at that. You will save thousands of dollars and millions of logistical headaches.

To cut down on the cost of the bouquets, stay away from mixed bouquets with exotic flowers. Instead, choose flowers that are grown locally and are in season. Another idea is to order bouquets made up of the same flower rather than mixed bouquets. They cost less and can be very stylish in their simplicity. You might also consider silk flowers so that you can have a great keepsake, rather than spend money on cut flowers that will wither and die.

The reception is another high-prices item in most wedding budgets. You can plan a stylish meal without a lot of expense. Instead of a large sit-down dinner, look for alternatives such as a buffet, or a simple wedding venue with a caterer or your own family and friends all pitching in with finger food and more. You won’t need to pay for an expensive wait staff and everyone can relax and enjoy themselves.

At the reception, the centerpieces are considered an important decoration, with flowers the most popular centerpieces. However, they can get expensive. A stylish and affordable alternative is to use candles. Float tea lights in small crystal bowls or light votives in votive holders. They don’t need to match each other – having an assortment can add to the stylish look. Instead of purchasing new, ask your friends and family members to bring candle holders from home, or use the holders at each table as the wedding favor for the guests to bring home.

Many wedding guests have come to expect a wedding favor, but the truth is that it can all start to add up, especially if you have a large wedding. Use the wedding favors you are going to give as decor for the table, or as part of the wedding photograph tradition when you thank people for their gift and for coming. Shop carefully and compare prices online.

Wedding cake
You might be thinking of a multi-tiered cake covered with handmade sugary flowers, but they are expensive and by no means essential. Instead, have your cake decorated more simply with some rolled out royal icing and some silk flowers. Another idea is to display a small formal wedding cake with a bride and groom on top, then serve a sheet cake to your guests. The sheet cake will actually be easier to cut and serve. Have cupcakes or another simple, easy dessert instead.

The main point of any wedding and reception is to celebrate a couple’s love for one another, not go broke fast. Organize yourself and look for wedding bargains. Plan ahead for great fun activities for your wedding and wedding reception, and you will be able to create a memorable wedding that your guests will recall happily for years to come, but without you having to pay the bills for years to come.

You CAN have a stylish wedding on a budget. Be prepared to think creatively and look for less expensive ways to create the impression you want.

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