How to Change an LG Refrigerator Filter



Things You’ll Need

LG refrigerator manual
Old newspapers
Plastic 1-quart jug
Plastic trash bag


The water filter is a key component in your refrigerator if you make ice or drink water from the in-door dispenser.

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If you have a fairly new LG refrigerator, chances are it has an in-door water and ice dispenser. When it was delivered, a special water line would have been plumbed to provide water for the dispenser and ice maker. Each refrigerator should be fitted with a water filter to keep your water and ice tasting fresh. The filter should be replaced approximately every six months.

Step 1

Lay newspaper down on the floor in front of the refrigerator.

Step 2

Locate the water filter compartment, which is at the top left corner of the refrigerator in many LG models (it will usually be somewhere in line with the water line from your sink and your water and ice dispenser. Look at the manual if you are not sure where it is located). Once you have located it, grip the handle of the water filter firmly and turn it slowly counterclockwise. Have your water jug nearby in case water gushes out of the filter compartment.

Step 3

Slide the old water filter out of the filter compartment and place it in the plastic bag for future disposal.

Step 4

Grip the handle of the new filter and slide it carefully into the filter slot. You may have to twist and turn it slightly to get it to go in straight. Once you have pushed in as far as it will go, turn the handle slowly clockwise until you hear or feel it click into place.

Step 5

Position your jug at the opening of the water dispenser. Press the button and fill the jug to the brim to prepare the filter and flush out any unwanted factory residue on the filter.

Step 6

Make a note on your calendar of when you changed the filter. Count forward 6 months and jot down a reminder to buy a replacement filter again then.


Use a plastic jug in case it becomes slippery when wet and you drop it.
Take this opportunity to dust around the refrigerator, front and back. It will help improve performance.
Check to see if there are any special recycling or disposal instructions for your old water filter.

If your water or ice still tastes bad even after changing the water filter, put a box of baking soda into both the refrigerator and the freezer to absorb food odors.


Do not force the filter in any direction, in or out, clockwise or counterclockwise.
Clean around the filter dispenser if you see any dirt, debris, or encrustation.

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