Using Apartment Search Websites, Part 3

If you are looking at a sublet, a short term stay, usually from 3 months to a year, just about the same rules apply. Find out how long they plan to be out of the apartment and why, and what access, if any, they might want to the apartment while you are living there.

In many cases it is because they are relocating for their job, or they have met a new life partner and are moving in with them, but want to keep their place just in case things do not work out the way they hope.

Access will usually start out at about once a week until they remove all of their essentials, and it should then settle down to much more infrequently after that.

Once you have arranged for a visit to the apartment that you want to sublet or rent, be honest if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit, or you really can’t afford it, because that frees it up for other people to look at.

Be realistic.


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