Tar and feather all politicians and public figures?

It appears that nothing has really changed in the USA in the over 400 years since it was first founded.

It is clear from the media treatment of Sarah Palin and her daughter, that many of you want the same treatment for people you disagree with.

It’s just that depending on what you label yourself as, democrat, republican, white, black, latino, feminist or chavinist, you want your ‘opposite’ to be attacked, reviled, and punished.

So, since this is an equal opportunity country, I have the PERFECT solution:

Let’s TAR and FEATHER ALL of them

Clearly this is the only thing that will make all of you bloggers and media people happy on the internet.

So let’s look at them all in turn to see what they are ‘guilty’ of:

Joe Biden-a Catholic-unthinkable to have one in office til JFK paved the way-tar and feather

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton -Women? They have only had the vote for 80 years in the USA.  How DARE they try to win public office!

Tar and feather!

Hillary Clinton for clearly being a “closet lesbian” because of the pantssuits, tar and feather

Bristol Palin, pregnant teen daughter of ‘bad’ mother Sarah Palin, tar, feather, and stone her too while you are at it.  Well done, all of you.

Sarah Palin and her Down’s syndrome afflicted son Trig,: a second helping for her for having him, according to Alan Colmes, Trig for being ‘different’, disabled, tar and feather.

Barack Obama-African American, there are STILL counties in this country where he could not own a home, or marry the woman of his choice if she happened to be white-skinned. Tar and feather.

John McCain, -according to Letterman’s constant jibes, for being elderly!

Tar and feather

John McCain  for being a military man,  Tar and feather

John Edwards, adulterous liar, tar and feather

Bill Clinton- semi-adulterous liar, tar and feather! him AND the cigar!

Mike Huckabee, a Baptist, tar and feather!

Mitt Romney, a Mormon, tar and feather!

Ron Paul, just for being boring, tar and feather

Governor Bill Richardson for being Latino, tar and feather

Ralph Nader, multiple time presidential campaign loser, tar and feather!

Rudy Guiliani, dumped by his first wife when he had cancer, remarried, but it smacked of adultery, and comes from New York, tar and feather.

Joe Lieberman, Independent and Jewish, tar and feather!!

Elliot Spitzer, for reasons too numerous to count, plus the obvious one, tar and feather! Him and his knee-high socks!

The media, for their lies, bias, sexual orientation, and anything else we like or dislike, tar and feather!!

And for keeping us so distracted with ‘fluff’ stories about Sarah Palin that we are losing sight of the economy, the war, the housing crisis, the high food and gas prices, the unemployment crisis (after 18 months, they drop off the listing, and all the others who also dropped off– over 30% of people are self employed now, because their jobs all vanished)

TAR and feather the homeless, the tax man, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just because he is German and such a bad actor!

There, does that make you ALL happy?

Hope I haven’t left anyone out to hate, tar and feather?

So now you can all tar and feather yourselves for being ‘different’ according to the others’ point of view.

Newsflash-we all suffer, and all wish to be happy and fulfilled and protect our families.

Choose the party that you think will help bring that about for EVERYONE in the USA, not just yourselves.

Choose a leader you are willing to follow, not the media hyped personalities that some want to award sainthood to, while others want to tar and feather.

And then get involved. Nothing will change if you all do nothing except sit complaining, and stirring your pots of tar.

Create a country you can be proud of one day at a time. Not one so bogged down in negativity that we might as well all be tarred and feathered.


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