How to Keep Your Household Tools Organized

If you are like most people, you probably have tools in a number of places in your house and/or garage but can rarely find any of them, or the right one, when you need it. Unless you use your tools every day, chances are they are in a heap somewhere, neglected and not likely to be used because you don’t have time to sort through them to find what you are looking for.

You might have tried to tackle sorting your tools in the past, only to give up in disgust. You might also have sorted them and kept them tidy for a time, but they are now right back to the same jumbled mess and you haven’t got the heart to try to sort them again only to have the same mess appear again in another three months.

The good news is that there are a number of ways to sort your tools and keep them well organized and convenient without needing a huge tool box or a lot of storage space. You won’t need to deal with jumbled drawers and bins ever again.

One of the best ways for a DIY mom in particular to get all the tools in the house sorted is with the help of a handy shoe bag that you can hang over the back of a door with the help of a couple of metal brackets. Hang it in the garage and label the holders if there are any small items that slip down and can’t be seen. If you have to do extensive work in another room, just unhook the brackets and take it into the bathroom, upstairs to the bedroom to hang your new shelves, and so on.

A shoe bag is an excellent choice for keeping your tools in order for a number of different reasons. It is inexpensive, flexible, has a lot of compartments, and is easy to use. It is convenient to hang up and helps keep the tools out of the way, but handy enough to use any time without digging in a lot of boxes and drawers.

A shoe bag can be surprisingly durable. They are usually made of sturdy fabric and/or plastic and designed for daily use, so they can certainly hold up to occasional use as you pull your tools in and out.

Best of all, it is so simple to find things, especially at the lower levels, where you can look right in, that almost anyone can use it. Just be sure to keep the most expensive or dangerous tools up out of the reach of younger children.

A shoe bag can be one of the cheapest and yet most convenient ways to store all of you household tools so that you never have to hear, “Where’s the hammer?” again.


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