Product Review: Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50

5 stars
Fantastic health advice for aging well, and a great website to use as a resource.

If you are looking for a fabulous newsletter for the over 50s for your parents, or even yourself, you will not want to miss Johns Hopkins Health After 50. Each issue is crammed with the kind of news you need to know about your health. They deal with about dozne main topics every month, from arthritis to memory to vision. The editors who work on the newsletter all teach at the medical school, so the information is cutting-edge, but you can understand it easily when you read it. My parents wouldn’t miss an issue, and I always find things I never knew about my health. Since 50 is the new 20, you won’t want to miss all this great information.

They also have free Special Reports and free email health alerts you can sign up for into your email box every time they put up a new article. So if you’re interested in weight loss or diabetes, for example, they will email the article direct to you. The site is totally free and they add a new article almost every day.

It’s great if you’re a caregiver for older parents too, so you can learn more about your loved one’s health conditions, and effective prevention strategies. This is especially important if you have, for example, heart disease in the family, and want to take steps to avoid a heart attack.


How to avoid hip fracture

Hip fracture is a leading cause of disability amongst seniors, and can lead to other complications as well, such as the bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle on overall health, pneumonia, and permanent lack of independent mobility.