Hurricane preparedness

Yes, it is that time again, getting ready for hurricane season.

Here is a list of useful websites, so you can get together your go bags for you and your family and pets now.

hurricane and disaster preparedness for families

for businesses

national hurricane center nhc.noaa,gov
national weather service


Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents 4

Part 4.



When you are walking in any parking plaza, look for any signs of movement in the car park. Before you step out into the parking lot, pause for a moment and check for signs that a car may be pulling out of a parking space.


Cars are so quiet nowadays, that you may not even hear the engine starting. Look and listen for…


A puff of exhaust.


Reverse lights coming on.


A car door being closed, which could signal that a driver has entered the car and will soon back out.


Movement in the driver’s seat. Examples: The driver

reaching for his seat belt, or turning around to back out of a spot.


A person jumping into their car.  It usually means they are in a hurry and most likely distracted.


Headlights turning on.


Don’t get distracted yourself. Stay alert at all times. Don’t make cell-phone calls, use an iPod or rummage through your purse or wallet to find your coupons. Be aware of what’s going on behind you by quickly checking over both shoulders from time to time as you walk through the lot.


Watch out for big vehicles. Parked SUVs and vans can block your view of cars backing out. As you pass by a big vehicle, pause a moment to check that a car isn’t coming.


Be extra cautious at night. It’s extremely difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at night, especially if you are wearing dark clothing. Assume that even though you can see the driver, the driver cannot see you, and steer clear.]]></