Tips For Purchasing Wine Online

Sometimes you are not close to the wine store that you love, or even close to a wine store at all.  So now, you find yourself surfing the Internet for your wine. The Internet can be a great way to purchase wine. But before you click “buy”, there are some simple tips to making your online wine purchase more enjoyable.

Know Your Source

A large number of wine experts, certified organizations and critics are beginning to rate wine websites. Many wineries are also jumping on the bandwagon. These ratings help buyers feel comfortable with their purchasing decision online. These reviews used to be available only in forums or places where other wine experts met to discuss different options. Today, these ratings are being prominently displayed on websites and can also be accessed by visiting the website of the critic or vineyard, which also list reputable online distributors.

Ask Questions

If you are unsure about a certain website, click on ‘contact us’ and call the number listed. Ask the questions you need in order to feel comfortable. These questions can be anything along the lines of “Do you have a certain type of wine in stock?” or “How do you ship your wines?” and even “What should I do if my wine arrives damaged or wrong all together?”

Asking these questions up front let’s you know two things;  1) there is someone on the other side of the computer screen who cares about you and your decisions, and, 2) there are precautions in place to make sure you get exactly what you ordered.


Just like with local wine shops, today’s online marketers do much more than sell wine. More often than not, the store has a blog, or at least some place to get more information. Here you can expect to find articles on selecting different types of wines for various occasions and even some sponsors by wine enthusiasts with their top picks. All of this information is there to utilize and help you make the perfect selection for you needs.


There are benefits to ordering online such as the ability to shop at a plethora of stores within minutes instead of driving back and forth. You also can shop an unlimited stock of items and do not have to worry about a limited selection in your local wine shop.

The wine is delivered directly to your doorstep, usually packaged in some type of cooling container. This makes sure the wine stays at a proper temperature when it is being shipped.

Wine investors are also at an added advantage for online shopping because they can ensure their purchase for a future date.  Basically, they can pay now for a supply that will arrive at a later date, reserving their supply of wine.

With the convenience of buying wine online, and the wide range of varieties, shopping for wine online may be more fun than you think!