Learning How to Make Money Online

One of the things we love most about the online world is how easy it is to gain new skills. There are so many great ways to learn, through ebooks, webinars and videos. YouTube is a treasure trove of educational videos, entertainment and more. We don’t know about you, but none of us can remember the last time we watched TV!

Ebooks through Amazon are great because you can read them on any device. Just download the right FREE app for your device/s of choice and then check your books in and out of your digital library, from one device to the other.

We just spotted this really interesting series of videos on how to make money online in the online marketing field. Just think what even an additional $20 to $100 per day could do for you and your family. In most cases, you sell products for others as an affiliate, and get a commission.  Affilliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started in a real business of your very own. And because it is online and digital, there are very few start up costs, and it will earn for you around the clock. You can sign up for a free ecourse via email to learn more about affiliate marketing: Free ecourse

You can even make money as an expert yourself if you have the kinds of skills that people want to learn.  You can be a personal coach, offer instructional webinars, and position yourself as a leader in your industry.  Again, just think what a difference this kind of additional income could make in your life. Don’t be stuck in a poor money mindset when there are so many opportunities online.



How To Double Your Dollars to a Million Dollars

Here’s a simple game that can take you from absolute poverty to real wealth. In fact, all you need is a penny to get started. Even if you think you don’t have a cent to your name to spare, you can still try this game.

After all, almost anyone will give you a penny if you ask for one. Or, dig around in your pocket or sofa cushions and find a cent.

Once you have that penny, double it and keep on doubling your money until you reach $1 million.

The game is divided into 28 steps. The first steps are so small that you can’t possibly fail. You will start to succeed immediately, before you ever start to worry that you might not be able to succeed.

Steven Goldsmith, the inventor of this program, has also made starting easy, whereas programs with really big bold claims are often difficult to get going with.

So, here are your 28 steps to $1 million dollars:

Step 1 Find one penny on the ground, or ask someone for it.

Step 2 $.01 becomes $.02

Step 3 $.02 becomes $.04

Step 4 $.04 becomes $.08

Step 5 $.08 becomes $.16

Step 6 $.16 becomes $.32

Step 7 $.32 becomes $.64

Step 8 $.64 becomes $1.28

Step 9 $1.28 becomes $2.56

Step 10 $2.56 becomes $5.12 (Let’s round it down to $5 to make your math calculations easier.)

Step 11 $5 becomes $10

Step 12 $10 becomes $20

Step 13 $20 becomes $40

Step 14 $40 becomes $80

Step 15 $80 becomes $160

Step 16 $160 becomes $320

Step 17 $320 becomes $640

Step 18 $640 becomes $1,280

Step 19 $1,280 becomes $2,560

Step 20 $2,560 becomes $5,120 (Round it down to $5,000 to make your calculations simpler.)

Step 21 $5,000 becomes $10,000

Step 22 $10,000 becomes $20,000

Step 23 $20,000 becomes $40,000

Step 24 $40,000 becomes $80,000

Step 25 $80.000 becomes $160,000

Step 26 $160,000 becomes $320,000

Step 27 $320,000 becomes $640,000

Step 28 $640,000 becomes $1,280,000 (Round it to $1 million to make it simpler.)

Basic Rules

1. You must ask for or find the first penny to get started.

2. You can only use the money that is part of the game to earn more money. You are not allowed to add any additional funds once you start.

3. During the first 15 steps, up to $160 dollars, you can only use the actual dollar bills and coins that you have generated to that point.

4. If at any time you more than double your money, you must spend the surplus on yourself before you move on. You’re not allowed to use the extra toward future steps in the game.

5. The doubling does not have to occur in a single transaction. You can find multiple ways to double your money until you reach the next step.

6. You must keep a diary of your progress as you work your way through your steps in order to track your progress in doubling your wealth. Do you beg, borrow, turn the cash into more profits, what?

7. Only worry about the step you are on. Just worry about doubling up to the next level. Once you are on that level, then you can start coming up with more strategies to reach the next, higher step.

8. You are not allowed to spend any of the money until you have reached a million dollars. You are not allowed to borrow it and pay yourself back later, or add more than you already have. Use only the money in the game and make it work for you.

9. If you lose money, you must drop down to the step which is nearest the one that you currently have in your possession and start to double up again.

10. You can use your own labor, but that will not usually help you much in the later steps unless you plan to make$1 million very slowly. But if you want to use it to make more money through your work, you can.

What You Will Gain (Besides a Million Dollars)

In playing this game, you will learn that:

1-You can achieve great things, even if you begin with nothing. The only resources you need to get started are a penny and yourself.

2-As your money grows step by step, you grow with it. As you work your way through the step, you will gradually change your money mindset to start thinking more about how the wealthy really manage to become wealthy. They do it in a number of ways, and you can too.

Becoming wealthy is about sales, marketing, and people. You can’t trade your time and labor for a significant amount of money. Most people believe that making a million dollars is about working harder and longer, because that’s the only experience they have when earning money.

But it is actually about working smarter, and using what you have to make more.

3-You can reach your goals with different strategies.

Going from $40 to $80 will be easy compare to $160,000 to $320,000, but keep at it. As you’re going through the program, be sure to write down the strategies that you’ve used to accomplish each step. The way your approach varies throughout the game will provide valuable insights as you continue to grow your wealth.

4-You can keep going.

You might start to fear failure at about the half-way point, but if you keep playing the game and following the rules, you can win.

It is all about having a more wealthy mindset.

What will you do when you gain all this money? You will probably be running a successful business, and indeed, more than one, so you will deserve whatever you would like to do with the $1.28 million you have earned. Take that $280,000 in ‘mad money’ and bank it or spend it. Then start thinking about playing the doubling game more….


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How To Find And Flip Your First Property

It’s exciting watching those programs on television where the investor goes out, purchases a property and flips it for a fast $10k + profit.

Is it possible to do that yourself? Is it a scam or is it a viable way to make some money? Can you really do it without any money or credit like you hear on those 2:00 am infomercials?

It is possible, but you must do a lot of things that make the average person uncomfortable. That’s not to say you have to do anything unethical; simply that the activities involved are not pleasant for most folks.
Like any business you need a couple of things:
➡ Inventory
➡ Customers

And these two things will be accumulated through marketing and prospecting. Real estate investing is largely a marketing business.
The Basic Process

In a nutshell, you need to find someone that is willing to sell their house at a deep discount, typically at no more than 60% of the retail value. Then you need to find someone else to buy it from you at 70% of retail value.

Your first question is probably, “Who would sell me their $100,000 house for $60,000?”

Have you ever had an old car you didn’t really use anymore? Maybe it didn’t even run anymore. The car just took up space in your driveway or on the side of the house. Eventually, you would reach the point where you’d had enough. You just wanted the thing gone, regardless of what you could sell it for.

Like your car, some houses aren’t providing any value to their owners, and these owners would be willing to give you a deal. Other owners are just looking for some cash and will also come way down on the price if you can close quickly. So such owners are out there, but it may take a lot of work to find them.
Your second question is probably, “Why would I sell that house for only $70,000?”
The short answer is because you can sell it quickly for cash. Especially if you’re trying to put together deals without any money or credit, time is critical.
Finding a House to Buy
We’re looking for a house that fits certain criteria. In most cases, your best buyers will be rehabbers that will either resell the property or rent it out. As with any business, you need to figure out what your customers want. In most cases, this will be houses with 3 bedrooms in decent, but not really nice areas (in the case of properties that will be rented). Houses that will be resold can certainly be of any size, and higher price ranges are acceptable.
In general, you’ll look for properties that are 70-100% of the median home price for the area. So, if the middle-of-the-line house in the area is $100k, you’re going to be looking at houses that would sell for $70-100k after they’re repaired.

Here are some ways to find the owners that are willing to sell their house at a deep discount:

1. Bandit Signs. These are those 12×18 or 18×24 signs you see hung on telephone poles all over the place. Check out the legality in your area. You see them all the time because they work.

2. Craigslist. Call all the ads for properties that are for sale or rent. If you call enough people, someone will be thrilled to give you a great deal.
3. Ads: Put your own ads in Craigslist. The newspaper is fine, too, if you have the funds.

4. Abandoned Houses: Even some nice neighborhoods occasionally have abandoned homes in them. Frequently, the owners are out of state. Track them down and send them a letter or give them a call.

What Do You Say to These Owners?

It’s perfectly fine if you’re not some slick salesman. The people you’re looking for are looking for relief and they’ll take it wherever they can get it.

Your basic message should be, “I can give you cash for your house very quickly, but I’m only going to be able to give you about half of what your house is worth.”

Expect that it will take approximately 30 phone calls with sellers to find a property that fits your qualifications. Out of those sellers, the number will be much greater to actually get a deal.

You could easily make 100 or more calls before you make a deal. But consider that many telemarketers are expected to make 400+ calls each day at their jobs.

All in all, it’s not a lot of work for a good payday.

How Much Do You Offer?

The basic formula is: 70% ARV – Repairs – Your Fee

ARV = after repair value; this is the retail value of a home in great shape. You can get the value of the home from a real estate agent or by doing some legwork yourself. You can get free estimates for repairs from contractors.


Selling the House

Now that you have the house under contract, your job is to find someone to take it off your hands at closing. There are two basic ways to get paid:

1. Assign the Contract. You can assign your rights to the house to another person for a fee. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get your money. The only potential issue is that your buyer will know how much money you’re making.
2. Do a Double Closing. In this case, you’re reselling the house to your buyer during the same closing as you buy the house. This keeps everything more confidential, but there are two sets of closing costs: one set from buying the house and one set from selling the house.
Finding a buyer is usually quite easy. Once again, you can advertise with bandit signs and classified ads. Your message should be something along the lines of, “3 bedroom house for sale. 40% off. Cash only.”