Book Review: Call Home The Heart by Shannon Farrell

5.0 out of 5 stars Romantic Times Review


Widowed by a shooting accident on her honeymoon, Muireann Caldwell discovers that her wastrel husband has left her penniless, and almost homeless. She now faces returning to a smothering family or charting her own course with the crumbling Caldwell estate.


Deciding to tackle Barnakilla and its mountain of debt, Muireann turns to the handsome, capable Lochlainn Roche, her late husband’s estate manager, for support.


Lochlainn worries that with Augustine dead, his lifelong home will be forfeited, especially if the young widow decides to run home to Scotland. But he’s surprised by the strength Muireann displays and grows to admire her courage and determination. She grows to love Barnakilla as much as he does. Dare he hope she returns the love he has found for her?


Ms. Farrell weaves a wonderful tale of survival and love that defeats seemingly insurmountable odds. It is refreshing to see a heroine with such strength and common sense, and a strong hero who actually believes she can have it! CALL HOME THE HEART is a story you won’t want to put down.