Hints and Tips for Your Tassimo

The Tassimo is a great little machine, but to get the most out of it, you might find the following hints and tips helpful.


The water filter needs to be changes about every three months. Set the dial on it so you will remember when you last changed it. If it floats for any reason, then the little waterproof red rubber ring around the part that fits into the machine is missing. I have had some faulty ones from the factory. Just send it back for a replacement. It is part NP1.


The disk piercer.

It can get stuck/completely wedged sometimes in one of the disks, especially the hot milk ones, which tend to use hotter water/steam and seem to make the plastic piercer expand and get jammed. So do look at your disks before you throw them away! You can get replacements on line, it is PART NP8, but you really don’t want to do without hot drinks while you wait for it to come in the mail. Consider keeping a spare of it and the water filter on hand just in case!


Tassimo membership

We joined the monthly Tassimo club at club so we get autodelivery with free shipping on the disks every month, and so you can set your monthly budget and needs and let the clud to the rest. You can also get the parts mentioned above quickly and easily. They showcase the newest discs here first, so you can phone any time and add to your order.

<a href=”http://www.tassimo.com” title=”Tassimo” target=”_blank”>www.tassimo.com</a>


The Tassimo club standards are made by Gevalia, via Kraft Foods, and I have to say, while the Cappucino and latte seem very fattening, the Cap is made with 2% and the latte with skim. There are many different flavors now, and European brands like Jacobs and Carte Noir.

They have just introudced Swiss Hazlenut and a macchiato as well, so the site is great for seeing what’s new. The Twinings tea, including the chamomile with orange flower, and Earl Grey, and the Tazo black, are real winners.


Really fast shipping:

I use the monthly service, but for emergency orders I use <a href=”http://www.cybercucina.com” title=”Cybercucina” target=”_blank”>www.cybercucina.com</a>, a great online gourmet store where you can get fast service, a discount on the t-disks, and collect points which add up to a discount every time you get past the 250 point level.


They are prompt, fast, courteous, and usually have everything in stock I need. If you order over $100 at a time, it is free shipping, and the order flow smoothness and customer service are really the best I have ever seen.


It is a great site too because as the name suggests, they have great kitchen stuff, and they also have some very yummy European style treats. Often have really good sales on luxury food stuffs. So if you are looking for any great gifts for people, and want free shipping, this is the place to go.