How to Build a Rife Machine


Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need

“Rife Machine Kit”
24 feet of 22 gauge speaker wire with two conductors (wires), stranded
1 stereo jack
Two solderless crimp ring connectors for 16 gauge wire
Two 2 inch by 2 inch by 1/16 inch thick brass plates
Two 1/8 inch pop rivets, aluminum, 1/4 inch long
Wire cutters
Wire stripper
Soldering iron
Drill with 1/8 inch bit
Pop riveter
Stereo, at least 100 watts, with a speaker jack

“Frequency Kit”
Internet connection
CD burner
List of diseases to treat
Recordings of disease frequencies in WAV format


A Rife machine is an electronic device used as an alternative form of disease treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Frequencies are used to treat the diseases, with specific frequency modulations for each disease. The Rife machine is named after, but only loosely connected with, the American doctor and inventor Royal Raymond Rife. There are many Rife machines on the market, most of them very expensive. You can make a Rife machine yourself in a short time, for a fraction of the cost.

Assembling the Rife Machine

Step 1

Drill a 1/8-inch hole into the first brass plate. Repeat with the second plate.

Step 2

Cut the wire into two 12-foot lengths. Strip the casing from the two wire strands of the speaker wire. Bare about 1/2 inch of wire at either end of each of the two wires (4 ends in total).

Step 3

Insert both strands of one end of the bared wire into one of the crimp ring connectors. Be sure the wire is in the saddle of the connector.

Step 4

Attach the crimp connector to the metal plate using one of the pop rivets.

Step 5

Hammer the protruding parts of the pop rivet as flat as possible to each side of the plate.

Step 6

On the opposite end of the speaker wire, separate the two strands of the wire. Solder one end of the first strand to the tip and ring of the stereo jack. Solder the second strand of the wire to the jack to ground the wire.

Step 7

Repeat Steps 2 to 6 with the second piece of wire.

Step 8

Plug the stereo jack into your stereo.

Assembling the Frequency Kit

Step 1

On your computer, log onto the Internet and go to or another reliable site for Rife machine frequencies.

Step 2

Look up the diseases you wish to treat on your list. Each disease listing should state frequency and length of time for treatment for each frequency. It should also have instructions on how often to use your Rife machine for each disease.

Step 3

Locate the frequencies and their WAV files at

Download all the frequencies into a separate folder for each disease. Many of them will come as zipped archives with all the frequencies included.

Step 4

Burn your frequency WAV files from your disease folder onto a CD. Repeat for each disease on your list.

Step 5

Place the CD of your choice into your stereo.

Using the Rife Machine

Step 1

Sitting or reclining comfortably in a chair or bed near the stereo, grip each metal plate in the palm of your hand. Press PLAY on your stereo.

Step 2

You should be able to feel a tingly sensation in your hands. The lower the frequency, the more you will feel it. The higher, the less you will feel it.

Adjust the volume on the stereo to adjust the comfort level of your Rife treatment.

Step 3

Play the CD through to the end of the treatment. Relax after the treatment for a few moments.

Step 4

Step 5


You can also apply the metal plates to the specific problem spots on your body — for example, your knee.

Get some small velcro straps to hold the plates in place against your palms or your specific trouble area.


The sound of the frequencies is harmless, but can be annoying to people and dogs. Unplug your speakers before treatment.

Follow the instructions for your Rife machine treatment for each disease carefully.

Avoid using Rife machines if you have an electronic device already implanted, such as a pacemaker.

Seek medical treatment and consult with your doctor before undertaking any alternative remedies.

Key Concepts

  • Rife machine
  • Rife generator
  • Rife frequencies


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