Some More Handy Housekeeping Hints

1. You can reduce the time you need to clean your bathroom walls by steaming the bathroom first to soften the molds and other buildups sticking to the walls. As soon as you have finished showering, start cleaning!

2. To keep your garbage bins smelling fresh, place a cut-up lemon in it. The lemon scent will keep your kitchen smelling pleasant. You can also sprinkling baking soda into each trash bag to help absorb odors.

3. Remove pills and other fraying from sweaters and clothing by using a single-edged man’s razor. Shave as if you were shaving your face or legs. So long as you don’t press down, you won’t damage the wool or fabric.

4. Never store opened canned foods in the fridge. Transfer the contents into plastic or ceramic containers. The lead in the container can be absorbed in the food and cause illness. Be especially careful with tomatoes and other foods high in acidity.

5. Practice the first-in-first-out principle in the kitchen, especially with food items. Arrange your pantry items in such a way as to put the older purchases in the front or on the top.

6. Remove wallpaper easily with the help of vinegar and warm water. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water and roll it over the wall paper you want to remove using a paint roller, until the paper is thoroughly soaked. Repeat again about 30 minutes later. And wait 30 minutes more. The paper should peel off easily.


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