Frontline Dosing Issues 4

The larger Frontline covers 89 to 132 pounds, the upper weight of an English cocker will be on the lower end of that spectrum. Here is what all the packs look like side by side, with the largest size the […]

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Frontline Dosing Issues 3

The next weight parameter is 45-88 pounds.… This is the upper end of the American cocker range and almost all English cocker spaniels will also likely fall into this weight range. Look for the Dalmatian on the purple trimmed […]

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Frontline Dosing Issues 2

For the next weight category, we have 23-44 pounds Luckily for me, there is an American cocker spaniel right on the package, so for any averaged sized cocker, this is the box to get. If you have a dainty […]

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