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Welcome to Nutrition Goddess!

Here you will learn all about nutrition, in order to bring out the inner goddess in you through what you eat and through the vitamins and minerals you will get from your new, healthy diet.

Pizza Fit

Welcome to the Pizza Fit section of Nutrition Goddess.

This areas of the site came about as a result of an interesting article I read that stated that despite the Italians having one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, and eating it every day, they were not nearly as overweight in terms of percentage of population as Americans. In fact, the staggering statistics were USA=67%, versus Italy=9%.

The article accounted for this huge disparity by saying that Americans stuff, load and generally throw a ton of meat and caloric items like full fat cheeses on top of their pizza, whereas Italians tended to eat a lot more vegetables on top, with less full fat cheese and less salt and preservatives, and more healthful fats like olive oil. They also tended to eat salad and other vegetables on the side and have one slice, rather than rely on the pizza as the entire meal.

With that in mind, we have launched this area to try to help you beat the battle of the bulge but without feeling miserably deprived. You CAN have a healthy pizza, and in this area we will be talking about what you need to know about pizza, and offering great healthy recipes and other fun nutritional information for the whole family.

Because let’s face it, statistics also show that there are not just heavy people out there, but entire overweight families. So welcome to the Pizza Fit area. And don’t forget to download your FREE recipe guide. You can download it as a PDF in minutes. You’ll also get the Pizza fit newsletter, with the latest recipes and information, and from time to time, money-saving special offers we think you’ll find handy.

So why not download your Nutrition Goddess Pizza Fit Recipe Guide now. It’s fast, easy and FREE.

Preserving Your Vision

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