Keeping the Romance in Your Relationship Part 9


One of the things we love so much about dating is the spark, sizzle, spontaneity, and the chance to learn new things about each other. With any luck, your romance agreement will help you foster that sense of wonder and excitement through the shared activities you plan and the atmosphere of love you create.

Relationships are all about relating. As my yoga teacher once said, you are relaying information. It will last only as long as the other person chooses to continute communicating with you, that is, listening to what you have to say, and saying what he feels.

Love, communication, sex, are all ACTIVE choices.  No one can make that choice for you. No one can or should force you to.  You choose positive or negative, you can choose loving or harsh.

You can choose to keep your romance agreement, or not. You can’t force a garden to grow any faster by tugging at the shoots. But by patiently focusing on creating an atmosphere of love each day and night, and by scheduling regular times for lovemaking and sharing, you will be actively planting the seeds that will help your relationship flourish like a garden in spring.

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