How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight While You Work at Home

If you work from home then chances are you spend much of your day sitting. In fact, most people spend a majority of their day sitting. Couple that with the fact that working from home is a sure-fire way to live a very busy life, and you have a recipe for weight gain. It’s difficult to balance working out, running and growing your business, and managing your life.

Why not accomplish two things at the same time? Why not find a way to lose weight while you’re working from home? It’s actually easier than you might think.

#1 Standing Desk

How often do you find yourself sitting while you work? Most of the time, right? Stand up. Now there are extremely durable and fantastic standing desks that you can purchase. You can find them at office furniture stores and online. You can also create your own “Ikea Hack” and create a standing desk from much of their assemble-it-yourself furniture.

However, if you’re not sure that a standing desk is for you, why not begin by simply placing a file box on your desk? It raises your keyboard to the level you need to stand. Use this system for a few weeks. If you find you’re enjoying it, then you can convert to a full-scale standing desk.

If you’re not used to standing, then your legs may be sore for a bit. Alternate sitting and standing. You burn more calories standing and it’s better for your posture. You can add an extra element of interest and calorie burning by adding a Bosu balance device.

#2 Walking Desk

A walking desk takes the standing desk to a whole new level. Walking is one of the best ways to stay in shape and lose weight. You can purchase a simple walking treadmill. These don’t have any motors and are often small and compact. In many cases you can simply position your standing desk over the top of your treadmill and get a workout while you work.

You can also buy treadmill desks. Again, these can be quite elaborate and expensive. However, it may be cost effective if you consider how detrimental weight gain can be. It often results in prescription medications and many expensive trips to the doctor.

#3 Pace

When you’re on the phone, dictating, or even trying to brainstorm and plan your business, get up and walk. Pacing has been shown to actually stimulate your creative brain. And it’s good for your waistline.

The key to burning fat while you work out is to stay active. Your body was designed to move. Move it. You can accomplish both a healthy business and a healthy body.


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