Great Wedding Cakes Even on a Budget

Traditionally, something that every wedding must have is the beautiful cake to serve at the end of your wedding dinner. Not only is it the finishing touch to your meal, it’s the focal point of many wedding traditions. For one, there’s the beautiful table set up with the wedding cake for everyone to stop and admire. Then there is the much-anticipated photo opportunity of the newlywed couple cutting the first piece of cake together. And, of course, the delightful moment of them smushing cake into each other’s faces.

You might envision having a multi-tiered cake with sugary flowers in the same shades as your wedding colors. However, these cakes can be quite costly. To help keep your wedding costs under budget, here are some ideas for stylish, delicious wedding cakes on a budget.

Cupcakes. One popular alternative is to bake or order cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. You can display them in tiers, as you would a cake, so you get the same effect. With the right decorations, cupcakes can be very elegant as well. One idea is to use icing to write the bridal couple’s initials on each cake. Another is to decorate them with icing or candies. Besides costing less than a traditional wedding cake, cupcakes are easier to serve than cutting and serving a cake. And who doesn’t enjoy eating a good cupcake?

Sheet cake. Instead of ordering a fancy wedding cake to serve all your guests, order a smaller version to put on display. At the same time, order a large plain sheet cake in the same flavor with the same icing. When it comes time to serve the cake, serve the sheet cake instead of the decorated one. No one will notice where their piece came from, and it will save you a lot of money.

Bake your own cake. Add a personal and delicious touch to your wedding by baking your own cake. If you’re not a baker, perhaps one of your friends or family members would like to bake one for you. Someone who enjoys baking might be honored to bake your cake as a wedding gift to you. To decorate, you can use candies, fruit, ribbons, or fresh flowers.

Styrofoam cake. This might not sound appealing, but it can give your budget a break and create a very beautiful effect. Rent, buy, or make your own Styrofoam wedding cake. Supplies are available at most wedding supply stores and craft shops. Then ice and decorate it just as you would a real wedding cake. It will look just like the real thing, without the expense. When it comes time to serve the cake, cut a plain sheet cake and leave the Styrofoam one up for decoration.

If none of these options fits within your budget, you can also skip the wedding cake altogether. Instead, serve one of your favorite desserts to your guests. Including a few non-traditional elements in your wedding can make it more memorable and personal for your guests.


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