GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP900DMBB 30 Induction Cooktop Product Review

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP900DMBB 30 Induction Cooktop, 4 Induction Elements – Black

GE Profile CleanDesign PHP900DMBB 30 Induction… by amktg44

If you are spending too much time in the kitchen, perhaps it is time to upgrade your cooktop for speed and energy efficiency.

The GE Profile CleanDesign PHP900DMBB 30 Induction Cooktop is the Cadillac of kitchen cooking options, and provides cooking energy through induction only. The energy is directed at the cooking vessel, and the 30 induction cooktop doesn’t even get hot while cooking.

The GE profile PHP900DMBB has 4 induction elements as well as electronic controls that make cooking a breeze. There are also 19 different power levels that allow individuals to precisely control the cooking. Some of the additional features of the GE profile induction cooktop include:

• 30” cooktop space.
• 4 inducton elements.
• Electronic touch controls.
• 11” element.
• 19 Different power levels.
• Super easy to clean.

The customers who purchased and rated the GE 30” induction cooktop were very pleased with its performance. Users say that the cooktop generates almost instant results, and water begins to boil in less than half the time it would take with a typical stovetop. One user even posted a video showing how quickly the cooktop begins to boil water. He then removes the pan from the element and immediately places his hand on top to illustrate the temperature and the fact that burns and injury risks are significantly lower with this cooktop. Although the price is a little steep, we’d recommend this induction cooktop for individuals who love to cook and who hate cleaning the stove. User reviews illustrate that this cooktop is perfect for any family or individual who loves to cook and save time.

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP900DMBB 30 Induction Cooktop, 4 Induction Elements – Black

The cooktop also now comes in 5 burner model for even more rapid cooking for family and guests.

GE Profile CleanDesign : PHP960DMBB 36 Induction Cooktop, 5 Induction Elements- Black

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