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October 1-31 National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
Perhaps you or someone you love is disabled and working. Take some time this month to talk to your children about this special “branch” of the workforce. Stress that people from all walks of life can earn and support themselves.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
This is pink ribbon month, so look out for the pink packages in stores which show that the companies that have joined in have pledged certain monies to help sponsor charity events. Also keep an eye out for walks and other special charity events you can participate in. Or just make a donation through free clicks at The purple button donates food to animal shelters and the pink donates money toward free mammograms for women who can’t otherwise afford them.

October is also the start of the next fiscal quarter. Keep an eye on all your business finances, and if you are not ready for the holiday selling season yet, well, what are you waiting for?

5th World Teachers’ Day.
Today is set aside to honor teachers and their contribution to the education of children all over the world. Reflect on how you might honor your children’s teachers today and take some time to talk with your children about what they want to be when they grow up. Mention the importance of financial responsibility in order to plan for your financial future and meet all of your goals. Also stop off at and click on the purple button to donate food to animal shelters. Then click on the Literacy site button to donate free books to children all over the world.

8th National Children’s Day.
This day is to celebrate children. If you have children, you know just how important they are to your life. Why not take your children to the bank today and help them open their own savings accounts? Go to and click to donate food to animal shelters, then click on the free link for Children’s Health to donate money from the sponsors to support child health care initiatives all over the globe. Also remember that you and the kids can play free sponsored games from the site. The more minutes you log in, the more money the sponsors donate to the worthy causes listed at the site.

Columbus Day.
Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the Americas in 1492. Use this day off to review your budget for the past few months and check where you are in terms of savings for the upcoming holidays. You can also head over the to click on the purple button to donate food for free to shelter pets, and the green button for the rainforest site to help preserve the last of the world’s great rainforests from further incursions and the loss of habitat that can bring animals living there to the brink of extinction.

15 Sweetest Day.
Sweetest Day was established to do something special for others, particularly for those who are less fortunate than yourself. On this Sweetest Day, make a donation to your local foster care organization or a world hunger cause. Go to and click on the purple button to contribute free food to animal shelters. Then click on the yellow hunger button to donate food to end hunger worldwide.

16 National Bosses’ Day.
Celebrate your boss today. After all, it’s most likely because of him or her (directly or indirectly) that you’ve got a job. Even if they can be a pain, think of all the ways your steady paycheck makes your life easier.

16-22 Record all the money you spend for a week.
Beginning today, record every purchase and every bill you pay for the next week. Doing so will help highlight any unnecessary spending and help you curb these habits in the future.

24th United Nations Day.
It was on this day in 1945 that the UN’s document was signed and accepted by Security Council members. This date reminds us of UN’s mission, goals and achievements. Speaking of mission, goals and achievements, what are your missions, goals and achievements related to your finances so far this year? This is a good time to check to see if you are on target with your financial goals.

31 Halloween. “Treat” each of your children by making a $50 deposit into their individual savings accounts this Halloween instead of spending a small fortune on candy, costumes and decorations.

These are just a few ideas on how to make October a profitable and productive money when it comes to money matters.

For more how tos on a variety of money-related topics, see the Money Matters Series from Evelyn Trimborn, published by Eternal Spiral Books.

August 1-31
Family Fun Month.
Celebrate your family all month by planning a fun activity for your family each week: a barbecue one week, a walk through the park the next, and more. Take advantage of the family time together to teach your kids about managing money – a skill that will benefit them the rest of their life.

August 1st-Take time today to find out if your state has a sales tax holiday for back-to-school shopping. Mark your calendar with the dates and plan to do your shopping then. Set a goal to save big money on back to school-shopping this year.

7th-National Sisters’ Day. If you’re lucky enough to have a sister on this day, plan to spend some time with her. You can swap savvy saving and shopping tips to help save even more money.

12th-International Youth Day. This United Nations observance day pays homage to the world’s youth – their achievements and incredible impact on the world. Talk with your kids today and listen to their dreams for the future. Emphasize the importance of education and employment in creating their best lives possible. Discuss how your family saving for their goals needs to start now and might mean sacrifices today for a better tomorrow.

13th-National Garage Sale Day.
Believe it or not, there’s a day to celebrate the garage sale. Definitely plan to have yours this month. Use the money that you earn to make a difference to your family budget. For example, apply your takings to back-to-school shopping, save it, or invest it.

19th World Humanitarian Day.
This day observes the incredible perseverance by all the world’s humanitarian workers and to promote humanitarian causes. In particular, those who have lost their lives in the fight for humanitarian reasons are honored on this day. Consider a donation to the humanitarian effort of your choice. Think how you can make a difference in the world through your time and efforts. Also remember that wealth is relative. You may not think you have a lot, but you are far better off than many people around the world and there are some things that money can’t buy. Freedom is one of them.

24-Start shopping for a new car.
At this time of year, dealers are selling their remaining inventory of this year’s models at great savings to make room for next year’s new cars. To save some real money on your next new car, shop now for the best deals. Do your research carefully and see if now is the right time to buy.

26th-Women’s Equality Day. Celebrate the date that women were first given the right to vote in 1920 by purchasing a $50 savings bond for each of the favorite women in your life, such as your wife, sisters, and daughters. Women can treat themselves to their own $50 savings bond to celebrate this landmark day. Or, put the money into an interest bearing account and add to it, setting your own goals, hopes and dreams to improve your future.

31th. Make a call to reduce the interest rate on your credit card. It’s so important to try to save dollars however you can. Put some effort into reducing your credit card interest rates. Any reduction in the rate, no matter how small, is extra money in your pocket. The America’s Debt Diet and other websites have sample scripts you can use to help you get started saving money.

Don’t forget to check your budget and emergency fund to be sure you are on track. See the guide Emergency Fund 101 for more information. Also learn How to Use the Internet to Save Money.

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