Financial Calendar for July

1-31 National Recreation and Parks Month. The month of July encourages recreation in the nation’s beautiful parks. It won’t cost much money to get a picnic lunch together and drive your family to the closest national park for a glorious day.

1 Midyear Financial Review. Since the year is halfway over, take a look at your financial situation so far this year. Make any adjustments necessary to finish the year financially strong.

4 Independence Day. Celebrate your country’s independence today. Dress in red, white and blue and enjoy a meal outdoors. Would you like to have financial freedom, too? Analyze your total debt this evening. What can you do to pay it down quickly?

7 Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market. Take some time this weekend to browse the Farmer’s Market. You’ll be amazed by how much you can save on fresh, delicious produce.

15 Finalize College Plans for Your College Freshman. If you have any kids starting college this autumn, have them double-check their living and meal arrangements to ensure everything is in order.

22 Hammock Day. Hammock Day is just like it sounds—a day to spend relaxing and doing nothing but resting. While you’re getting some R & R, vividly imagine realizing your financial goals. How will your life change? Use this pleasant imagery to motivate you to move forward toward this reality.

24 Parents’ Day. In the US, on this date we celebrate the importance of parents who build strong families. In order to be the best parent you can be, have you constructed a strong financial picture for your family? If not, do something now to improve your financial future.

31 Evaluate Your Financial Portfolio. Now is the time to meet with your stock broker to ensure your financial portfolio is building the way you’d like it to. Consider whether you want to add new mutual funds or stocks to your portfolio. If you do not have a broker, consider learning more about investing and decide whether or not you need a broker.


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