Coverage of Palin 2

I am a lifelong Democrat, but the continuous attacks on Palin ever since she was named John McCain’s running mate have really appalled me.

No matter what Palin does or does not do, she clearly can’t win with the carping media.

If people don’t support her point of view, she is described as ‘writing them off’.

But if she continued being nice to them, even if they didn’t support her, they would call her a hypocrite.

Or is it just possible that they wanted ‘favors’ once she was in power and she refused.

Or that once you are in power, things and your life DO change, whether you want them to or not. And some people can’t or aren’t willing to accept that. Few of us have the same set of friends now as we did at 5, 10, 15, 20 years old.

It is like Obama. He first said disowning Wright would be like disowning his WHITE grandmother.

Then he rejected Wright, and all the headlines said, “look who just threw Granny under the bus.”

Only in BO’s case, he had tried to defend him a looooong time.

He threw him under the bus when he said what many, many people had been thinking–that Obama would do or say anything to get elected, that a lot of what he had said was NOT true at all, but merely political expediency.

All of the Palin headlines are fluff, gossip, trying to dig up scandal. Who are ‘they’-in other words, who are her friends, advisors, as opposed to these people who claim to ‘know’ her. All the fake emails and blog gossip circulating, well, the people who wrote the fiction even admitted they had done it, and yet people still persist in believing in banned books and Trig is her grand-child.

It is all fluff, distraction from the real issues that are facing this country, and the democrats look like they are lining us up for more of the same trash talk.

There are 30 Obama ‘fact finders’ in Alaska–you think they are going to turn around and say, thanks for the expense account, but sorry, there is nothing to report?

Of course not. Like they said on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago, with the hints they are dropping about ‘a big surprise in October’, well, if they can’t come up with something, I am sure they will invent it. It is all a question of timing. And damage control. NOT the issues at this point.

This election is really going to stop any average person from ever aspiring to public office. Who wants to go through the microscopic scrutiny of every thing you’ve ever said or done, and what ‘it all means’.

The election was Obama’s to lose; at this point, the polls are not looking good. The more they attack her, the more sympathy she gets.

Maybe if they backed off the feeding frenzy, things would settled down. Instead, they are throwing chum on the water, most of it rotten.

And now with the Wall St crisis, it looks like just what it was, all fluff, distracting from the real issues. The important issues facing us all, like how to get through this crisis the best way we can, without partisan dog fighting.


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