Red Newt Vineyards Tastings 2

Part 1.

Red Newt Circle Label Riesling Finger Lakes 2008 $12.99

Lime peel, apple, fig and anise, bright and refreshing for hot summers, good value, not complex. Might improve with age.


Red Newt Glacier Ridge Vineyards Cabernet Franc Finger Lakes 2007 $38.99

Plum, tobacco, blackberry.  New World, lacks body, not great value for the price, very thin. Good with food but too acidic on its own.


Red Newt Glacier Ridge Vineyards Merlot Finger Lakes 2007 $41.99

A bit more depth, good minerality, plummy, with tobacco and herbs. Does not hold up for the price compared with other reds.


Red Newt Cellars Cabernet Franc Finger Lakes 2007 $19.99

Bing Cherry and plum, tobacco finish, a pleasant wine but not outstanding for the price.


Overall, I would say if you live in the NY State Fingerlakes region and fancy a wine tasting tour,  and want to support local produce and wineries, go for it. Otherwise, there are many great wines out there (which are also grown greenly and biodynamically for LESS than RN is charging) which you can really get your tongue around without breaking the bank.  Many best wishes to them though, for producing such quality wine in such a short period of time.


Red Newt Vineyards Tastings

Part 1.

Red Newt Cellars, Hector, NY,

Finger Lakes Region


Have tasted a good ranges from Red Newt-here are some highlights.


Red Newt Sawmill Creek Vineyards Gewurztraminer Finger Lakes 2007


Watermelon, kiwi and green apple notes, a real new world wine. Some bitter orange and almond accents. Lots of acidity, a bit thin, not great for the price.


Red Newt Curry Creek Vineyards Pinot Gris Finger Lakes 2007 $22.99

Almond and honeysuckle, lots of minerality, fresh finish.   Again, not a great wine for the price unless you like New World light and thin.


Continues in part 2.


Domain Chandon Rose Brut NV

Domain Chandon Rose Brut NV $13.99

This is a rose, sparkling, festive, not too dry, a hit with everyone at dinner or a party.The vineyard is pretty much a guarantee you are going to get something good, at a good price.The great thing about sparkling wines is they tend to go well with everything, and people think you have really splurged! Makes any occasion more of a party as well. Delicious, no citric sharpness, but not too soda-pop either.