Top Beauty Tips

1. If you suffer from dry skin, mash half an avocado and gently apply it to your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes to moisturize it, then wash off with warm water and pat dry.

2. Prevent dryness during cold, windy weather. Avoid washing your face too much and reduce use of alcohol-based toners and astringents.

3. Not sure where to apply your blush to get a natural look? Smile and pinch your cheeks where they tend to be most curved. Those are the apples of your cheeks and the blush should go there to highlight your features. Use a color only a tone or two darker or pinker than your skin color for a more natural look.

4. To give your lips a fuller, moister look, apply lip balm, then foundation, then lipstick. Just make sure that the lip balm is fully absorbed into your lips before applying the foundation so you do not get clumping.


How to Care for Your Skin and Reduce the Signs of Aging


How to Save Money at the Hair Salon

Tip: Save Money on Haircuts by Using Beauty Schools and New Salons
How Much Can You Save? $14 or more on your haircuts every six weeks

Everyone’s trying to think of new ways to save money. Where in your budget have you not cut your spending? You might want to consider saving money you spend for haircuts.

If you live close to a beauty school, check out the types of services they provide to the community. Keep in mind that the students need models to “practice on.” Don’t worry, though because their work is closely supervised by well-trained, experienced beauticians. If anything goes wrong, they will make good on your cut.

One local beauty academy offers cuts with a shampoo and blow-dry for $11.00. If you’re currently paying $25.00 for those same services, you would be able to save $14.00 every time you get those services at a beauty school. That’s over 50% savings. If you go to an even more expensive salon, you can save even more.

For men, a typical haircut runs at least $15.00. However, at a beauty school, you could pay as low as $8.00 for the same service. Again, that is a savings of almost 50% and can certainly add up over time.

Another option to save money on your haircuts is to seek out newly-opening salons in your area.

New salons typically have advertised specials and offer coupon savings to get people in the door to try their services. They will also bundle several high-value items into one low price. Watch your local newspaper for announcements and advertising for newly-opened hair salons who will be eagerly looking for clients so you can take advantage of reduced charges for haircuts.

Keep extra money in your pocket every six weeks by getting your haircuts at beauty schools and the newly opening salons in your local area, and have your spouse and kids to the same for their haircuts, and you will soon see the savings add up.


How to Apply Blusher

Blusher always makes the face appear fresh and glowing with radiance. Learning how to apply blusher so you can look natural and not too made up is a skill worth learning if you want to look your best on every occasion.

Your main tools will be your mirror, a brush and your choice of blush. With these 3 tools, you can work some make-up magic.

The choice of blusher will be your most critical decision in this process. It should:
a-suit your skin color
b-work well with your skin type

The color should be slightly darker than your complexion. Do not test on the back of your hand, as it is actually going to be at least a couple of shades darker than your face unless you constantly put sunscreen on your hands too.

For day time use, a shade of blush close to your skin tone will be more than enough to help give you a healthy glow without looking too made up. If you match it with your lip gloss, you should look fresh and healthy all day.

For more dramatic evening looks, try to match the general shade of your darker lipstick.
But remember, you do not want to look too fake.

Your blush should also work with your skin type. Dry powder blushes work well for most people, until you get over age 35 and you skin might start to change. Cream blusher can give a more dewy look, but is not the best choice for oily skin.

The application of blush should be done last, after you have finished all of your eye make up and have applied any foundation and/or powder you plan to use. If you are using a powder blush, you can powder your face for a matte look.

If you are planning to use cream blush, avoid powdering so you do not get a caked look.

To apply powder blush, run your brush over the powder to pick up a small amount of color. Tap to get off too much excess and lean towards the mirror to avoid getting it on your clothes.

Face the mirror and smile. Stroke the brush from the top part of your cheek along the cheekbone, traveling upwards toward your hairline until it is blended it.

For cream blusher, put a small dab of blush on your middle finger. Dot the blush on the top part of the apple of the cheek (the fleshy part when you smile) cheek and go upwards, adding a couple of more dots. Gently blend the dots upwards toward your hairline.
Apply blush by focusing on the outer part of your face, near your hairline if you have a fuller face. Focus on the center of your face to give emphasis on your bones if you have high cheekbones.

Apply a little amount of blush down the sides of the face for a more natural and glowing look.

Avoid too much make up, especially on hot, sunny days, and if you have acne or roseacea.