Botox Injections for Wrinkles, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)


So now that you know that botox is a rat poison which paralyzes the muscles in your face to smooth out wrinkles, you may have already decided that botox injections to improve the appearance of your wrinkles may not be the best idea for you health-wise. But if you are still thinking about it, read on.


Botox, Anyone?


Who hasn’t heard of Botox at this point? There are certainly enough jokes about having no wrinkles but a frozen face after the procedure. Many celebrities have gone through this procedure just to remove the unwanted lines on their faces. This is especially useful if your appearance helps you to earn your living, but is it really a good idea for the rest of us?


Here are a few things to remind yourself of before getting the procedure.


1. Botox is for wrinkles only.

known for removing wrinkles. But it will not help diminish other common akin problems caused by aging such as the age spots, sun damage and problems with pigmentation. This will also not soften your skin if your main concern is about its roughness.


2. Botox is not cheap.

This is a costly procedure. If you really want to undergo such, you have to save up for it, since it will not be carried by insurance. You will also need more than one treatment.


3. It can be risky in the hands of the wrong doctor.

Botox is a toxin.  With so many people viewing dermatology as a license to print money with so many people living longer, but still wanting to look young, you might believe you are getting a top doctor only to get someone who does not know what they are doing.. The procedure entails injecting of toxins to your skin. Not everybody has the same reaction on those toxins.  Look for the doctor’s credentials, recommendations, and level and training of staff in the office.


4. Get a full check up before you ever consider going.

You might not be physically fit for Botox.  Tell your doctor what you are considering doing. Even if the doctor says it is okay to go ahead, remember to tell dermatologist giving the Botox treatment about any vitamins and medicines to be sure you will not react to the treatment.


5. There are risks you will look worse.

If not done properly, instead of removing the unwanted lines, you may end up having more than what you had before going through it.


6. This is not for sensitive types of skin and veins.

Botox includes injections. The one who will be getting the shots must first make sure that they are ready emotionally, physically and mentally. Inflammation can occur, puffiness, and other visible signs of injection.


Botox injections for wrinkles are a serious undertaking that you should never treat lightly. You need to prepare for it well and know the risks as well as the rewards. Do your research and make the right decision based on your health and what you can afford.



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