Are Dairy Products Really Good for Us? Part 3

Continued from Part 2


With all the chemicals, antibiotics and hormones in milk, it is important to ask if milk is really as good for us as the dairy industry would have us believe.

The truth is that it can be if you are willling to pay more for milk and other dairy products which are produced along more natural and less commercial lines.

Milk is a healthy food choice when it comes from cows that are grass-fed, like Jerseys and Guernsey, not modern Holsteins which are forced to over-produce. The good bacteria and healthy diet in the grass-fed cattle reduce the risk of milk-producing infections.

This milk is usually not pasteurized, killing off all of the benefits of the milk, since the cows are better kept. using modern day hygienic practices to help ensure clean and safe production.

Because this milk is not homogenized either, the calcium remains intact and allows our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients we need. Of course, the milk tastes different than we are used to because all of the nutrients were processed out of it. It will have more flavor and a stronger taste. It will also be full fat, not skim (you can get around this by just adding filtered water to consume fewer calories per glass).


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