Are Dairy Products Really Good for Us? Part 1


The push for increasing calcium in your diet has been on the agenda of dairy producers for the last ten years. All we have been hearing about is drinking more milk and eating more dairy to increase our calcium levels.

While calcium is good for you, the dairy industry has become just that, a real industry, very different from the once humble farm who used to go out to milk each of his beloved named cows, Elsie, Daisy, by hand.

Now we have huge factory farms in which the cows never see the light of day, let alone a patch of grass, and are being pumped full of all sorts of man-made substances in order to increase their productivity to far more than the usual few gallons of milk a day.

Milk is also a perishable product-that is, it will spoil.  However, rather than cry over spoiled milk, the dairy industry is finding all new ways to sell milk to us, in cheese, yogurt, long life milk, evaporated milk, cheese strings, and even pre-packaged chocolate milk, refrigerated, or in little travel bottles that can be taken anywhere.

Almost all of these forms of dairy that do not come right out of the udder and into your glass will be treated with chemicals of some kind in order to preserve them. Then there is the process of treating even ordinary milk itself before if ever gets to your grocer, let alone your table.


Continued in Part 2


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