All Roses are Red on Valentine’s Day

Some roses are pink. Pink roses symbolize grace and elegance. Some roses are yellow. Yellow roses symbolize warmth and happiness. White roses symbolize purity and innocence and orange roses symbolize energy, desire and enthusiasm. All roses are beautiful but on Valentine’s Day, only red roses will do. Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance and they have been for centuries.

The meaning of red roses can be traced back to some of the earliest cultures. The color red itself has always been symbolic of the very essence of life. In ancient Greek and Roman Mythology the red rose was very closely associated with the goddesses of love. In early societies, red roses were often used as a part of traditional wedding ceremonies. Brides and grooms exchanged red roses as a symbol of lasting love so the red rose just naturally evolved into the ultimate symbol of true love and devotion.

Red roses, as we know them today, were brought to Europe from China in the 1800’s. Poets of old waxed eloquent about the red, red rose. The red rose is featured in many classical paintings. In our modern multi-media world, the red rose is still used as a symbol of true and undying love.

A single perfect red rose is a perfect gift for a young man to give to a young woman that he is falling in love with. A dozen red roses are even better. On Valentine’s Day all roses are red because red roses are the universal symbol of undying love.

All Roses are Red on Valentine’s Day
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All Roses are Red on Valentine’s Day
Learn more about they symbolism of red roses on Valentine's Day, especially red roses.

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